10 Cutest Magical Animals In Anime

It is well known that anime contains magical elements that transport viewers to a wondrous realm. A popular magical element in anime is magical pets. It’s no surprise that so many people love anime. Creators often draw inspiration from real circumstances and embellish them with enchantment, allowing viewers to connect with the tale and take an exciting journey.

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One of the most heartwarming additions to these stories is the magical pets and the bond they have with their owners. These special relationships play out differently in each story, each offering comfort, protection, insight, and laughter. Not only that, but the character designs are totally adorable.

10/10 Clara sparks a friendship

Princess Medusa

As the title clearly indicates, Princess Medusa, the main character, Tsukimi, is fascinated by jellyfish. Tsukumi’s love for jellyfish started during her childhood when she went to an aquarium with her mother before she died. She compares the lace-like tendrils that jellyfish have to princess dresses due to their delicate appearance.

In the first episode, a jellyfish named Clara is tasked with bringing the group together. Tsukimi observes that the jellyfish in a pet store are poorly maintained. She tries to reason with the salesman to let her save the animal, but is kicked out of the store. Afterwards, she meets Kuranosuke Koibuchi, who helps her convince the clerk to give them the jellyfish. Together they take Clara back to Tsukimi’s apartment, and their friendship begins.

9/10 Mokona Modoki is an adorable couple


Mokona Modoki are the twin rabbit-like creatures from the CLAMPS series XxxHolic. This magical duo adds humor and adventure to the story.

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They each have their own unique personalities. The white Mokona Modoki is very energetic, while the black Mokona Modoki is the most calm and balanced. Still, these two con artists are often a big tease, always looking to pull a fun gag. Of course, having fun is not their only role. They both possess magical abilities, such as time travel, clairvoyance, and teleportation.

8/10 Mike is a watchdog fit for assassins

Hunter X Hunter

Leave it to the Zoldyck family to Hunter X Hunter have an unusual pet. Their guard dog, Mike, is over 12 feet tall and weighs nearly 900 pounds. As Gon and his friends have observed, this dog is a machine and only obeys the commands of the family.

Mike definitely scared the group. However, once they trained properly and entered the court following the rules, Mike let them. The lesson here is that when entering someone’s home, respect their manners. If Gon wants to see Killua again, he’ll have to win the family first.

7/10 Jiji is Kiki’s perfect familiar

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Every witch needs a black cat. Kiki’s Delivery Service follows the story of pretty witch KiKi and her familiar, JiJi, as they embark on a new adventure. But JiJi has another role other than Kiki’s companion.

Arriving in a new town, Kiki meets Tombo, a boy obsessed with planes. He is in love with Kiki, but she finds him boring. As Kiki closes herself off well to new people, Jiki befriends a white cat. Kiki eventually loses her ability to understand Jiji or fly. She learns that she must be open to new people and new ideas to grow as a person.

6/10 Pen Pen is as quirky as Miss Misato

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Poor Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion can’t catch a break in the first episode. Not only does he survive an apocalyptic angel attack and pilot an Eva for the first time, he has new roommates to adapt to. After reluctantly moving in with Miss Misato, Shinji has another surprise in store.

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Just as Shinji takes a moment to take a relaxing bath, he encounters Pen Pen, a hot water penguin. Pen Pen not only likes hot baths, but he also likes to read the paper, watch television and drink beer.

5/10 Ein is an Einstein

cowboy bebop

While tracking down a new bounty, Cowboy Bebop’s Spike ends up in a pet store. This corgi, unbeknownst to him, is a data dog with a very high IQ. Despite Spike’s claims that he despises pets, Ein becomes the Bebop’s newest member after Spike saves him.

Through cowboy bebop, Ein offers comic relief. He also forges a heartwarming connection with Ed, another eccentric who has found his way onto the ship. Although Ein’s time aboard the ship was brief, this furry companion left an indelible mark on Bebop’s newfound family.

4/10 Luna is Sailor Moon’s celestial guide

Sailor Moon

It suits that Sailor Moon would include a cat named Luna. Not only do the main character and Luna share celestial names, but it’s Luna who sends Usagi on her journey as a superhero.

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Usagi first encounters this black cat, and Luna tells her that she is, in fact, Sailor Moon and her first mission is to find the other Sailor Scouts. Through Sailor Moon, Luna acts more like a mentor and mother than a typical pet. It is also later revealed that Luna is not an Earth cat, but a “cat person” from the planet Mau.

3/10 Teto is the cutest goalkeeper

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind opens with the meeting of Nausicaä and Teto, a magical fox squirrel. His mentor, Lord Yupa, mistakes Teto’s cries for those of a human child and tries to save him. Chaos ensues and Nausicaä rushes to guide Yupa away from danger.

The pair discover Teto, who is understandably terrified. As a sign of good faith, Nausicaä allows Teto to bite off his finger, which calms the creature. From there, the two establish a relationship of trust and forge memorable companionship. Teto becomes Nausicaä’s guardian pet and warns her when danger is approaching.

2/10 Ponyo teaches responsibility for a child’s first pet


The adorable Ghibli movie Ponyo follows the story of Ponyo and Sousuke. Originally named Brunhilde, this little fish ventured away from its family and found itself trapped in a fishbowl. Five-year-old Sousuke rescues her and names her Ponyo.

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This cute take on the mermaid story finds a similar transformation tale and Ponyo transforms into a little girl. Ponyo’s father, the Guardian of the Seas, states that Sousuke must pass a test and protect Ponyo or she will turn into sea foam. company.

1/10 Pikachu is the ultimate best friend


Pikachu is an incredibly recognizable magical anime pet. He’s also incredibly adorable. With his chubby build and bright red cheeks, it’s no surprise that Pikachu has become the mascot of the Pokemon franchise. It is also Ash’s first partner Pokémon.

At first, Pikachu largely ignored Ash and shocked him every time he placed an order. However, after Ash defended him against a herd of Spearow, Pikachu realized he could trust him. From there, this dynamic duo began their magical journey through the world of Pokémon.

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