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Man’s best friend is a phrase commonly used to describe a dog. Dogs are loyal companions when treated well, and so are in the world of video games. While characters who can converse with dialogue often add more depth to the narrative aspect of a game, a follower or canine companion allows new possibilities in terms of general and combative interactions.

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Regardless of how each dog is built and possesses a character, there are several who are much more talented and useful in their own games than others can be. This can stem from their ability to detect, locate, or engage in combat when necessary.

ten Chop was a welcome addition to GTA V

GTA 5 Chop Rottweiler

Chop is a tall and intimidating Rottweiler who makes his debut in Grand Theft Auto 5, under the ownership of Lamar and Franklin. Chop can be called upon as a general companion to hang out with and walk around with, but he’s also crucial in some missions.

Chop can even be controlled by the player on occasion, and it then helps locate certain characters and locations of significance to the larger story. As a companion, Chop can be distracted by other dogs and can also get the player in trouble with the law by attacking pedestrians with minimal provocation. Either way, Chop is quite useful in missions and fun to hang out with.

9 Riley was a full member of the Ghosts

Call Of Duty: Riley Ghosts

In the single player campaign for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the titular Ghosts squadron has a canine member, a German Shepherd named Riley. Riley can act like canine companions in other games, helping to distract, locate, and attack enemies.

However, Riley’s death triggers a condition of failure, so ordering the dog to fight should be done with care and caution. There are even occasions when the player can control Riley, who is equipped with a camera and radio, during spotting missions to assess various situations before continuing and engaging.

8 Boomer was a good boy in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Baby Boomers

Far cry 5 saw the introduction of one of the franchise’s most popular companions in Boomer. Once saved by the player, Boomer serves like many other attack dog companions, but with more ferocity and aggression towards enemies. Expect Boomer to rack up an impressive number of kills.

The faithful companion will scold or bark at any sign of impending danger, which is a welcome change from the constant talk of other companion alternatives. Boomer can also grab weapons for the player, which is invaluable if he is in the midst of intense and grueling combat.

7 The Mabari Hound was a useful companion to have in Dragon Age: Origins

In the Dragon age universe, dogs are considered an essential part of Ferelden culture, with the Mabari war dog being one of the most revered breeds. The protagonist of Dragon Age: Origins, The Warden, has such a dog as a potential companion, he is accomplished in battle and labeled as a warrior.

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The Dog has their own skill tree, and once leveled up they can be an extremely powerful and useful ally. It can detect stealthy or hidden enemies and can find rare items as well. The reduction of the overall list of Dragon Age: Origins, allows Dog and the other companions to shine brighter than they would in a more convoluted roster.

6 Dogmeat was a staple in the Fallout series

Dogmeat was introduced as a potential companion for the player in the original. Publication date game, and has appeared in other games since. In Fallout 4, he was once again a loyal friend and travel companion of the player.

The German Shepherd can be controlled by the player like other companions, but nothing beats having a loyal canine by his side. Dogmeat can be personalized with bandanas and other forms of headwear to allow it to do its job in style. Dogmeat is actively used and required in one of the main missions in the history of Fallout 4 and is therefore immortal in this game, much to the delight of fans around the world. While Dogmeat can normally hold out in a fight, he will often fight against strong opponents unless he is properly equipped with armor.

5 Final Fantasy VIII’s Angelo could do more than just attack on command

Final Fantasy VIII Angelo Rinoa

In Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa has a dog called Sant ‘Angelo di Roma, or Angelo for short. Angelo can be occasionally summoned to aid in combat, using a number of different offensive or support-based tips.

Before running away, Angelo can help heal the party, search for items on the battlefield, or simply counterattack and boost the player’s momentum. Angelo’s movements will be influenced by the situation and more particularly by his level of crisis. Collecting issues of Pet Pals magazine can help him realize his potential and unlock all of his abilities.

4 The dog in Fable 2 has changed its appearance to appropriately reflect the player’s actions

Fable Hero with dog

The world and the history of Fable 2 are both equally cruel. The player discovers the dog during the prologue when he is just a child, and the dog stays and serves as a loyal companion through all trials and turbulence.

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The dog in Fable 2 goes beyond simple personalization, its appearance actively changes to reflect the player’s actions, due to his emotional connection. The dog is skilled in combat but is especially useful in locating treasures and quest items, earning its title of loyal companion. The loyal companion sacrifices himself even for the player towards the end of the story, but since it is a common theme of Fable, a difficult choice can be made, resulting in his resurrection at the expense of other possible rewards.

3 Shadow was arguably the star of Dead To Rights

Dead To Rights Malamute Shadow

Playing the role of Jack Slate in Death to rights, the player can ask Jack’s loyal dog companion, a Malamute named Shadow, to aid him in the fight. Shadow can be ordered to attack enemies head-on, but can also perform stealth maneuvers, depending on the situation.

In addition to a variety of kills, Shadow is also able to sense an enemy’s heartbeat, in turn letting the player know if an enemy is calm and unsuspecting or on high alert. This makes Shadow more useful in combat than just being able to engage in combat, as this can seriously help the player and Jack gain the upper hand quickly.

2 Tales Of Vesperia’s Repede Fought Almost Like A Human

Tales of Vesperia Repede

Repeat from Tales of Vesperia takes the term “attack dog” to a whole new level. As Yuri Lowell’s staunch sidekick, Repede can also be controlled by the player, ranging from holding his trademark pipe in his mouth to various items and weapons.

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As many characters in the game have noted, Repede tackles the weapon attack as if he were a human, rather than using teeth and claws, as one would generally expect from a dog. Repede is one of the fastest playable characters in the game and is vastly underrated as one of the greatest canine characters in video games.

1 DD grew up to be a valuable asset to the Diamond Dogs in Metal Gear Solid V

MGSV Venom Snake and Diamond Dog in Car

Aptly named DD, as a member dog of the Diamond Dogs, the dog can be found by Snake as a puppy and used as a companion in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. DD is kept at Mother Base and raised until fully developed and ready to be taken on a mission. DD also lacks an eye, making him a perfect match for wearing an eye patch for Snake.

DD can be used in a variety of ways, from all-out attacking to just barking, to distract enemies. DD can detect and locate almost anything, from enemies and herbal remedies to prisoners, and can also extract these prisoners on his own when asked to do so. With the stealthy nature of Metal Gear Solid V, DD opens up many opportunities in terms of attack strategies and is certainly worth recruiting.

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