4 secrets your dog wishes he could tell you


As parents of pets, your puppy’s body language and gentle barks probably tell you a lot about how your dog is feeling. After all, you are the one who knows your little one the best! However, there is much more to canine communication than the gentle moans, growls, and occasional wagging of the tail. This is mainly because the body language of a dog is very different from that of a human, which ensures that many unspoken signals and requests are lost in translation. That’s why we’re deciphering some of the secrets your dog would love to be able to reveal to you. Looked-

  1. My wagging tail doesn’t mean I’m always friendly

Many people think that when your pet wags its tail, it is friendly. It’s not always the case. Dogs holding their tails stiff with a quick movement can be very excited or even stressed out. It is advisable to look past the fuss for coiled muscles or alert ears. They may imply that your dog is not really in a relaxed state.

  1. Please challenge me

Dogs are intelligent animals who like to engage in thought-provoking games. You can hide dog treats around your house for the dog to find or even give your furry baby some fun toys during play hours.

malinois and border collie

  1. I like consistency

Pets are known to be creatures of habit. For example, while training your dog, if you leave him on the bed once, but scold him the next time he jumps there, he will wonder why he can’t get on each time. Therefore, consistency is the key.

canine behavior 2

  1. I’m not a bad dog, I’m just bored!

We all know that leaving a toddler unattended is not an option. Well, dogs are pretty much the same as they tend to cause a ruckus and damage when not being paid attention. If your dog chews on furniture or chews on your favorite slipper, he’s probably getting bored.

canine behavior 3

Try to plan some exercises for your pooch, like a long walk or a frolic in the local park, your pet will surely be grateful! A little love and attention can go a long way to please your dog!

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