6 artisan dog treats from local businesses

While food for people gets the most attention in Madison, humans aren’t the only species here with access to premium treats. From 100% meat bites to a cupcake specially designed for puppies, to items with aesthetically pleasing packaging, you’ll find dog treats everywhere. These spots have everything you need to brighten your dog’s day.

Bloom Bakery
Annemarie Maitri, owner of Bloom Bake Shop, is a “big dog lover”. Maitri has two rescue dogs, Kala and Beignet, and she says many customers come to Bloom every day with their puppies. At first, Maitri offered canine visitors a special “Bag O’ Dog Biscuits”, which has become a popular holiday gift. In a natural evolution for the normally human-centric bakery, Maitri decided to create “pupcakes” for dogs as well. Pupcakes are a pet-friendly version of cupcakes that include organic peanut butter, applesauce and pumpkin puree, and peanut butter and cream cheese frosting. Maitri says her dogs love them, as do just about any other furry friend who visits the store. “They have become so popular that we recently had to increase production and offer them every day,” says Maitri. “It really makes all of us at Bloom so happy to also expand our customer base to four-legged friends.” 1851 Monroe St., 608-628-2249, bloombakeshop.com

mad dog mom
Amanda Ballweg became a “crazy dog ​​mom” in 2010 when she adopted Kiara, a Siberian husky with piercing blue eyes. Over the years, Ballweg has learned more about the importance of feeding dogs fresh, raw food. Sadly, Kiara passed away suddenly in October 2019 and Ballweg eventually adopted two new puppies. She wanted to give them the best of everything and started making raw food for them when they were 1 year old. She soon realized that it was also hard to find treats with beneficial ingredients, so she made her own. Ballweg then began giving away the treats to friends and family. “I knew then that I had to share [the treats] with other dog owners, so that their dogs can also benefit from healthy treats,” says Ballweg. Ballweg purchased and created Wisconsin’s first ever dog treat truck – installed at local outdoor events and dog parks. Its treats, called Excite Bites, include jerky salmon, beef liver bites and turkey snacks, and they’re all made without preservatives or additives. Ballweg also sells clothing and accessories, with 10% of purchases going to local animal shelters. “These dogs may have had a rough start in life or are going through a tough time in life right now, but either way, they deserve to be treated well,” says Ballweg. thecrazydogmom.com

Gracie’s Dog Treats
If you’re looking for meat-only dog ​​treats, Watertown-based Gracie’s Doggie Delights is a great option. Gracie Jagler, a woman with Down syndrome and the daughter of Wisconsin State Senator John Jagler, started her business in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. Gracie Jagler started the company because the Jaglers couldn’t find a job she would enjoy, be challenged, and thrive on. She always loved her three rescued Miniature Schnauzers, so when she had the opportunity to start her own pet-focused business, she couldn’t pass it up. The treats are made with USDA-inspected meat and freeze-dried by the family’s butcher. Gracie Jagler and the family wrap the treats in their house. Treats include delicacies such as beef liver, chicken hearts, and chicken breast. She also sells other items like hand-poured candles, coffee, natural paw balm, t-shirts and water bowls. Her family says they love using the machine to seal packages and even include a hand-signed thank you note with every order. If you’ve purchased a bag of her treats, the Jaglers encourage you to post a photo of your pup on Gracie Jagler’s Facebook page to become part of the state-wide and multi-state “G-Dog” family. country. 920-262-9747, gracesdoggiedelights.com

Photo by Youa Awasthi

Lil Pix Dog Treats
A member of the Morris family is a promising entrepreneur, although she may be a bit younger than you think. Claira Morris baked dog treats for years before starting her business, Lil Pix Dog Treats, in late 2020 when she was just 9 years old. Its two varieties of treats, Lily Pumpkin Treats and Pixie Peanut Butter Treats – named after the family dog ​​(Lily) and the dog of a since deceased family friend (Pixie) – are made from all-natural ingredients. . “I love that every time we even pull out the dog treat ingredients, Lily comes running, even though she’s sleeping,” Morris says. “She loves our treats and I love to cook.” Morris has sold more than 600 bags of dog treats since their offering at McFarland Farmers’ Market last summer. Lil Pix will also be available at the McFarland House Cafe and through a porch pickup system at the family’s home. facebook.com/lil.pix.dog.treats

Mandy’s Farm
Mandy Shipler started making beef-flavored CBD treats after her older dog suffered from surgeries. She realized that some CBD companies had counterfeit or bad products, and she wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted these products could buy them safely and with confidence. “I have a huge passion for natural healing with good ingredients; it’s still number 1 for us,” says Shipler. She thinks her dog benefits greatly from the treats, including reducing pain and restoring mobility. Dog treats may also help relieve anxiety, seizures, digestion, and nausea, while offering potential tumor-fighting and diabetes-alleviating benefits. “We all need to support the mental and physical well-being of our animals,” says Shipler. “Your furry friends deserve the best.” 608-609-6690, mandysfarmacy.com

The petphoria began after Grace Wang couldn’t find high-quality dog ​​treats in luxurious packaging for her own dog, Beni or others. Wang’s treats are made with natural ingredients sourced and made in America, with packaging that’s more reminiscent of fancy ice cream than dog treats. “For me, it’s all about branding and aesthetics,” says Wang. “I also wanted our dog treats to look luxurious on anyone’s counter.” Petphoria’s treat flavors are inspired by human favorites but offer their own twist, like Chicken Nugs, Pup-Kin Spice and Sweet and Sour Pork. There are also more classic flavors like Peanut Barker, a crunchy treat with chia seeds, peanut butter, and dried coconut. Wang also makes bandanas and bow ties for furry friends and scrunchies and clothes for their owners. “Seeing the community love and gravitate towards our products has been pure joy,” says Wang. “It’s so nice to connect with everyone and be able to share a piece of Beni and me.” 608-400-4077, shoppetphoria.com

Nathan Denzin is a Madison Magazine editorial intern and fact checker.

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