9-year-old hosts lemonade stand adoption fair


TAMPA, Fla .– Delanie Dennis has never met an animal she doesn’t like.

Okay, the spiders and snakes might “surprise” her a bit, the 9-year-old says.

But she would probably end up liking them too. And if the creepy, swaying creatures needed a loving home, she would be on the deal.

Delanie has become a Bay Area celebrity for her relentless goodwill on behalf of local animal shelters and rescues, raising over $ 30,000 for furry friends in need.

“Every day I wake up happy!” Delanie said.

And she owes her constantly sunny character to her love of animals.

“They are cuddly, sweet and fun to play,” she says. “And I’m just happy that I can help so many of them.”

Parents Julie and Andy own Tampa’s Cafe Delanie, where diners can select delicious dishes each month that directly benefit Delanie’s Lemonde stand, the key to her mission.

But Delanie is thinking even bigger these days.

Sunday November 7 to Dallas Bull, the young superstar will host Delanie’s Lemonade Stand Adoption Fair.

Dozens of local rescue and shelter organizations, including one for skunks, will hopefully be on hand to find hundreds of furry friends a forever home.

For more information on Delanie’s Lemonade Stand Adoption Fair, Click here.

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