AAFCO publishes free version of feed terms and definitions


CHAMPAGNE, BAD. – The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) announced on August 4 that it has released Chapter 6 of its “official publication,” which provides ingredient definitions, labeling standards and laboratory guidance for regulators, available via a free digital version.

The online resource includes an A-Z list of terms and definitions, ingredients and recommended amounts for these ingredients, as well as scientific data on the commercial components of pet foods, where applicable. AAFCO has decided to make this resource free to provide transparency to pet owners.

“Consumer awareness of ingredients used in livestock and pets continues to grow,” said Susan M. Hays, Executive Director of AAFCO. “We have extracted Chapter 6 as a stand-alone document to encourage this interest; So everyone from farmers and ranchers to pet owners can download it for free in PDF format and use it for their specific needs. We believe this is a great educational resource for the public on animal nutrition and provides much-needed transparency to the manufacturing process. “

As pet food ingredients and formulations evolve and are increasingly monitored by pet owners, AAFCO hopes its Chapter 6 resource will help consumers understand what ingredients are in diets. pet food and how the ingredients are defined in partnership with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Chapter 6, Feed Terms and Ingredient Definitions, of the AAFCO “Official Publication” can be downloaded on the AAFCO website.

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