Air Canada bans pet bookings until September

As mass travel delays and cancellations persist, Air Canada is temporarily banning registered pet bookings until at least September 12. The new policy has been put in place to limit problems with theft, the carrier said in a statement.

The airline has always allowed pets to travel in the hold, except when the temperature is above 85 degrees. The rule also excludes “short-nosed/snub-nosed” cat and dog breeds as they are “more susceptible to increased risks of heat stroke and respiratory problems when exposed to extreme heat or stressful situations. “. Travel + Leisure reports.

“Due to longer than usual delays at the airport, and for the safety and comfort of your pet, we will not be accepting new requests for pets [traveling] in the baggage compartment until September 12, 2022,” Air Canada said in the statement.

The airline will continue to allow small dogs and cats that can fit comfortably under the seat to travel in a carrier.

Air Canada has also been proactive about its flight schedule, preemptively cutting 15% of trips in July and August as cancellations and delays continue.

“To provide the level of operational stability we need, we are reluctantly now making significant reductions to our schedule in July and August to reduce volumes and passenger flows to a level that we believe the system will air transport can accommodate,” said the CEO. Michael Rousseau wrote in an email to customers, per The Toronto Star.

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