Akasa Air allows pets on board

After only two months in operation, India’s Akasa Air has opened its doors to pets, bringing smiles to many pet owners in the country who don’t have many options if they want to fly with them. their furry companions. Currently, Air India and SpiceExpress are the only carriers that carry animals, but with Akasa jumping into the fray, will others follow?

Akasa wants to become a pet-friendly airline

Akasa Air has completed two months of operations since its launch on August 7. The airline took stock of the past 60 days yesterday and was pleased with its progress so far. He also gave a roadmap for the future in terms of fleet expansion and other initiatives. And one of the main announcements was that it will soon launch an onboard pet service.


Akasa co-founder and chief marketing and experience officer Belson Coutinho said passengers flying with the airline will soon be able to travel with their pets in the cabin.

Akasa Air will allow pets to travel on board from November 1. Photo: Getty Images

The carrier will allow domestic dogs and cats on board and, depending on their size, they may travel in the cabin or in the hold. Due to regulations, Akasa will allow pets up to 7kg to enter the cabin.

Animals between 7 kg and 32 kg will need to be checked in at the airport, and heavier animals weighing up to 100 kg will need to be checked in at the cargo terminal, as passenger terminals do not have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these animals.

The airline has partnered with an NGO – Umeed for Animals Foundation – to get expert advice on best practices for welcoming pets on planes. He also mentioned that this is phase 1 of the launch and the policy will be gradually improved. Pet reservations open October 15 for flights from November 1.

The airline will continue to improve its pet policy in the future. Photo: Akasa Air

And the other airlines?

Currently, options are limited for anyone wishing to travel with their pet to India. Air India is the only passenger airline that allows pets on board. When it comes to carrying pets, each airline has its own policy, so it’s best to check with the carrier you plan to travel with.

With Air India, small pets such as dogs, cats and birds, accompanied by valid health and rabies vaccination certificates, will be accepted on domestic flights in the cabin or in the hold.

The animal must be properly transported in soft, ventilated bags/kennels of the prescribed size (kennel size must not exceed 18″ x 18″ x 12″). The weight of the animal, including container, must not not exceed 5 kg for transport in the cabin.

SpiceJet has allowed pets to travel with their owners in the past, but this is no longer the case. However, dedicated freight carrier SpiceXpress transports live animals in accordance with IATA live animal regulations and local laws.

Domestic cats and dogs, sheep, goats and other suitably sized animals that can fit in a 737 freighter are transported wherever the carrier flies. There are restrictions on certain types of animals or breeds, and customers are advised to check with SpiceXpress at the time of booking.

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