Alabama woman killed by pack of ‘dangerous dogs’, police say

A dog owner has been charged with manslaughter after an Alabama Department of Public Health worker was allegedly killed by a pack of ‘dangerous dogs’ last week while following up on a report of earlier attack by the same dogs, according to police.

Jacqueline Summer Beard, 58, was pronounced dead by the coroner on April 29 after deputies received a call about a suspicious vehicle in a rural area near Red Bay and found her body inside, according to a Facebook post by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies saw several dogs attacking residents upon arriving at the scene before finding Beard’s body, police said.

“Beard is believed to have been attacked while attempting to contact the dog’s owner when she was killed by the dogs,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Some of the dogs were immediately euthanized, police said.

The dogs’ owner, Brandy Dowdy, 39, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, police say.

Beard was in the area following an incident previously reported to Franklin County Animal Control, police said. A pack of dogs mauled a woman as she walked, and the woman remains hospitalized in Mississippi, the Franklin County Sheriff told

Beard worked as an environmental supervisor at Franklin and had worked for the health department for 16 years, according to the ADPH. The department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

“Summer was known to her colleagues as an exceptional person,” ADPH told in a statement. “She was a tremendous team worker and was loved by those who knew her.”

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