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Here’s Thursday’s quiz, depicting all that’s good in the world against the backdrop of the unfolding chaos. Fifteen questions that are vaguely topical or general knowledge or generally just a little weird. There’s no prize, but you can earn an extra bonus point if you can spot a hidden Doctor Who reference and mention it in the comments, where we’d love to hear how you fared. Enjoy!

The Thursday quiz, n° 62

1.WORLD LEADER PRETENDS: The G7 summit was this week, but where was it?

2.WORLD LEADER PRETEND II: It was also the NATO summit this week. But where was it?

3.OUCH A SCORCHER: Thanks to a heat wave induced by the climate crisis, the mayor of Castenaso, near Bologna in Italy, imposes a fine of 500 € for having done what with water?

4.DEUCE: It’s Wimbledon this week. What are the tests of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club to try to broaden the appeal of the sport?

5.SENT HIM TO TAE HOUSE THINK: The SNP have announced they will hold a referendum on Scottish independence. Flower of Scotland celebrates a Scottish victory over Edward II of England, but who was monarch when the Acts of Union came into effect to form Great Britain in 1707?

6.STRANGE WORDS: According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, what does ballute mean?

seven.STRANGE SCIENCE: What is the name of the substance which, according to spiritualists, is physically exuded by certain mediums when they come into contact with the dead?

8.ENSEMBLE CASTS: Which of these animated children’s shows was narrated by Richard Briers when it originally aired on the BBC in 1974, and again when it was revived by Channel Five in 2005?

9.GOLDEN SLUMBERS: Tutankhamun was the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. When do we think his reign began?

ten.UNDER THE TABLE WITH HER: This is a 1975 Sparks song where “her little brood misses no one.” But that’s not important right now. In which province of South Africa is Table Mountain located?

11.IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: Meet Willow, the Guardian’s official Thursday quiz dog. She is a dachshund. What does dachshund mean in German?

12.1966 AND ALL THAT: An exciting weekly series of non-football issues, leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in that famous bastion of human rights, Qatar. The 1934 FIFA World Cup was held in Italy. But what currency would Italy have used in 1934?

13.THINKING OF YOU: The Pet Shop Boys were a Glastonbury highlight for many who were more inclined to be middle-aged, and they played Liza Minnelli hit Losing My Mind when they recorded it with her in 1989. Who wrote it?

14.LET’S GO: The Wikivoyage site lists 23 places visited by the fictional Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days, none of them in a hot air balloon. Number 22 is Dublin, Ireland. But which of these names is an Irish name for this town?

15.THIS WOMAN’S WORK: Kate Bush enjoyed her two well-deserved UK No. 1 singles 44 years apart. But which of these pairs of events were also 44 years apart?

  • If you believe there has been a glaring error in any of the questions or answers, please feel free to email, but remember that the word of the master of the quiz is still final and that he is still busy watching Glastonbury. iPlayer.

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