Arm & Hammer Pet Odor Eliminator is only $6 at Target

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With two cats and two dogs in the house, it can be a little awkward at times, and I’ve tried many cleaners to help with the chaos. While they each do the job to some degree, nothing works like this $6 cleaner from Target. The best part? It is specially designed for carpets and upholstered furniture. And it even works on my white couch and rug.

the Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean Stain & Odor Remover gets rid of odors almost immediately and stains disappear within an hour. I have mostly white furniture (I know, that’s a big risk with dogs), but this cleaner keeps the furniture clean and it’s super easy to use.

Sometimes I wake up with a mess that’s probably been there for a few hours and all I have to do is brush off all the solid debris and then saturate the area with the spray. I let it sit for about 10 minutes (this part is crucial for removing odors), then I go in with a paper towel or colorless cloth to blot the fabric. Once I get most of the stain out, I rub lightly then let it dry for an hour or more. Then there’s no smell and once it dries you can’t even tell there’s been a mess at all. It seriously works like magic and the 32 ounce bottle lasted for months.

This is the most affordable and reliable pet cleaner I have ever tried and even though it is currently sold out on Amazon, you can always grab one on Target. You can have it delivered to your home or order it to pick it up within two hours at your local store if it is available.

Buy it! Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator, $5.19;

I’m not the only one who swears by this pet wash; several other Target shoppers left five-star reviews, as one happy customer shared that it was the “best pet wash I’ve ever used” and another wrote that it was their ” essential carpet cleaner”. It is also supported by more than 1,200 five-star ratings on Amazon.

I used this pet stain and odor eliminator to clean up all sorts of messes like pet pee, vomit, muddy paws, etc., and it works every time. For only $6 a bottle and so many rave reviews to back it up, it’s definitely worth a try.

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