Assault Dog Axel Takes 3 Shots To The Head In Baramulla Ops, Army Mourns Dog’s Death

Minutes before the Indian army managed to neutralize a lone militant in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday, it suffered its own loss: a two-year-old assault dog named Axel, who was hit in the head by three bullets. and killed instantly after being sent to sniff out the militant’s location.

Officials familiar with the operation in Baramulla’s Wanigam said the militant was eventually killed. “Axel was dead before he could be rushed to a vet,” an official said. News18.

Police say a lone militant, identified as Akhtar Hussain Bhat, was killed while two soldiers and a policeman were injured during the encounter. Axel, the light brown Belgian Malinois, fell victim to the encounter which lasted five hours.

Baramulla Police Chief Superintendent Mohammad Rayees Bhat said the militant fired on security forces when they cordoned off the village of Wanigam. He said an AK rifle, three magazines and a pouch were recovered from the site after the encounter.

Authorities say a well-trained assault dog can break into an activist’s hideout and cause fatal injuries. They said the encounter would have been over much sooner if the dog had come any closer to the activist. Axel had already taken part in a few successful operations and was an effective assault dog.

These animals are sometimes fitted with cameras and sent inside homes or buildings to report the precise location of militants and other details such as the weapons and ammunition they are carrying. After precisely locating the militants, the elite police or military team plans their assault and ensures that they do not cause any casualties.

“The drones give us a glimpse of a building or a house where militants are trapped but they don’t give us details inside a house or an annex,” an official said, adding that “the dogs are useful and help us in operations where an intervention in the room is necessary.

Axel’s trainer was broken. An official said the dog’s handler was moved by the dog’s death and continued to pet him long after he disappeared. “He was shot three times,” said the dog handler, seated near his pet.

Axel was recently inducted into the Baramulla Canine Unit and trained hard with the handler. Officials said he had done well in some operations in the northern districts. “We had recently taken him to a dating site in the Tulibal area of ​​Sopore. Two activists were killed there and he did his part,” an official said, adding that “the whole unit is sad.”

For successful operations, the police and military rely on human and technical intelligence, but dogs have done a lot in anti-militia operations. Whether detecting explosives on roads used by security convoys, dogs are an essential part of every Road Opening Party (ROP). An ROP leaves early in the morning to detect explosives, and dog interventions have saved many lives in the past.

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