Bad credit history without credit? It is possible! – Scapin

Can you have a negative credit history without taking any credit? Yes! We will introduce you to one of the paradoxes we encounter many times in our everyday work with clients.
The case concerns ” non-contractual debit in the account “. There is a possibility of indebtedness on the account, which we have not agreed with the bank in any way.

HOW? Here is the most common example

HOW? Here is the most common example

A few years ago, tempted by a very interesting promotion, you set up a personal account at bank X. Very attractive offer – free transfers, ATMs, generally everything is free.
After some time, however, you stopped using the account, maybe you moved to bank Y, which offered an even more favorable account.

You forgot about your bank account …
Months and years passed – and the account was still active.

In the meantime, the offer at bank X has changed and some of the once free services have become payable. Of course, the bank has completed the formalities and informed you about the change in the regulations, but let’s face it, who reads them at all? This could have resulted in a change in your email address or residential or correspondence address, and you may not even see the new regulations.
At this point, the growing snowball, which was charged monthly, is already the size of an avalanche.

Every month

The bank took a few zlotys from your account for keeping it. What happens when there was no money on it? The bank started going below zero. Minus PLN 5, minus PLN 10, minus PLN 15 … Interest began to arise. In this way, after accumulating small monthly fees, after cumulating the debt reaches at least several hundred zlotys. At the beginning, the bank is not looking for contact with you, because simply collecting such a small debt is unprofitable. It is only when the debt in the amount of the several hundred zlotys arises that the debt collection machine starts and you learn about the situation.

Even after repayment of the liability in BIK will remain a trace of this situation. Delays after several hundred days can cancel the chance for a loan in many banks, where in the initial phase it is often the machine that decides whether the application will go to the analyst for further procedure. As you can guess, in most cases after catching such a long delay in repayment, you immediately receive a refusal from the bank.


  1. Complaints – a lot of such cases can be explained by means of a complaint letter. Most banks do not have a problem with removing such an entry, however, the entire procedure can take up to a month. It is always worth arguing to increase the chance of a positive consideration of a complaint.

  2. If the situation is urgent and you need a loan “for yesterday”, it is worth choosing a bank that will be more flexible and, despite the initial negative decision, it will be possible to start talks with the analyst and explain the reasons for the debt.

Probably many of you are wondering now whether all bills that have not been used since will be closed for sure. It is worth spending some free time and in case of uncertainty, determine the facts by contacting the hotline or visiting a bank outlet.

Another useful tool to control your finances is the BIK report, which collects this type of information about us. You can learn about how to get it from previous entries, where in one of them we have prepared an instructional video on how to do it step by step.