Batman’s dog gets a makeover in 2022


Batman: Urban Legends # 11 will feature Batman’s canine companion, Ace the Bat-Hound, in a new story with a new uniform suitable for a working dog like him.

that of Batman canine companion Ace the Bat-Hound has been alongside the Capé Crusader since 1955. Now he comes to Batman Urban Legends # 11 in early 2022 and he receives a new practical uniform.

Dogs are man’s best friend and Bruce Wayne is no exception. He had two large dogs living with Wayne Manor, Ace and Titus, although Titus was adopted in the New 52 and it belongs to Damian. Ace has made numerous appearances, but his next appearance could be his first appearance since DC launched. Infinite border time.

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DC Editor Jessica chen shared a preview of Ace’s new look on Twitter, revealing that he will appear in Batman: Urban Legends # 11 in January 2022. Ace will be part of a story spanning six issues with the creative team of Mark Russell, Karl Mostert and Trish Mulvihill. It’s a realistic version of Ace, putting him alongside Batman – even with a glimpse of a ride in the Batmobile. Chen states that there will be other great pets that will appear and that inspiration was taken from Plague Dogs, which is a 1982 animated film based on a novel of the same name from 1977. Also of note is Ace’s latest outfit, as he dresses up with Batman, detailed on a cover variant of Karl Mostert and Trish Mulvihill.

Ace Bat Hound new look

Ace Bat Hound new look 2

Ace depicts the bat symbol on his chest, just like his owner, while wearing his own utility harness. This is similar to the type of equipment found on actual working dogs in the military and law enforcement. Like Batman, he’s designed to fight crime, albeit in a much more realistic way than how the character is typically portrayed. Ace has often been used in cartoons in a very silly way, wearing a cloak and hood that matches the Dark Knight. Now, Ace takes his fight against crime more seriously, though his identity isn’t as protected. Considering that Ace’s secret life is a lot harder to reveal, it won’t be a major issue for him in the same way that it is for Bruce.

DC dogs have played a big role in comics and animated series, from Ace to Krypto and beyond. With the DC League of Super Pets upcoming animated film, it’s not too surprising that they are found in recent comic book titles. There have also been some new additions, as Nightwing recently adopted his own canine companion – Haley, also known as Bitewing. He’s a three-legged puppy who’s already found a lot of love in the DC fandom, as well as the spotlight on the variant covers for the current class. Night wing series. Going forward, an Ace and Haley team could be very intriguing, as these DC heroes spend time with their furry companions who help them get through their rough nights. that of Batman four-legged friend has been with him for sixty-six years and Ace shows no signs of slowing down. Fans can see Ace the Bat-Houndthe most recent adventure of Batman: Urban Legends # 11 arrives January 11, 2022.

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