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“A reason to hope” by Kristin von Kreisler

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Terri schlichenmeyer

Bad things happen to good people.

It’s something you know, but why you? When the worst can happen, why does it do it? Were you born under unlucky stars or with terrible karma? Maybe you are just a poor schlub forgotten in the universal scheme of things. Or maybe, as in Kristin von Kreisler’s new book “A Reason for Hope”, something better has in store for you.

It had been far too long.

That’s what Tessa Jordan’s best friend Emma has said about Tessa’s love life. It had been years since Tessa broke up with her last boyfriend, and she didn’t meet men at her bookmobile job, so Emma pushed her to do something. That’s when Tessa took to the local dating site near her home on San Juan Island, Washington.

That’s when Tessa met Nick Payne.

She had seen his face before. Everyone had; Nick was running for city council and his campaign posters were everywhere. For him to contact her on the dating site was flattering, and their first date was fun.

The second was a nightmare.

Nick had invited Tessa over to his house for a barbecue with her brother, but when she arrived the brother had “canceled”. She stayed, but halfway through her second glass of wine, Tessa started to feel weird. The next thing she knew was in the morning, she was dizzy and naked, and Nick was looking at her from across the bed.

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