Bosly’s Backyard allows indoor play space for dogs



CHICAGO If you have a dog but not a yard, it can be difficult to get enough play time for your four-legged friend, especially if your dog prefers to play alone.

For Orca, Bosly’s Backyard in Ravenswood was life-changing, providing an open roaming space for dogs who just want to run.

“Orca is very responsive to other dogs, cats and squirrels,” said canine owner Nicole Zacarias.

Orca was a rescue who had been abused and neglected as a pet. The space of Bosly’s Backyard allows him to stimulate his thoughts and gain some vitality.

The Ravenswood business serves as a safe haven for dogs who might also be very vulnerable to getting nervous around different dogs and people.

The space has been of great use to Chicago residents who own dogs with no entry to a nearby yard or dog park.

“While there are a lot of dogs who are social butterflies, many are reserved and need their own space. It can be stressful to bring your dog to a dog park, ”said Kim Theobald of Bosly.

Theobald said she had this thought for over 9 years and it wasn’t until the near past that her dream came true. Space is known as after Kim’s dog, Bosly.

Obstacle programs in space also work with obstacle programs, allowing dogs to develop their cognitive abilities.

Bosly’s Backyard is currently restricted to dogs and is located at 4011 N. Ravenswood Avenue Suite 108, Chicago, IL 60613.


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