‘Bow Wow’ robot invented by teenage dogs while owners are away

For dog owners, one of the hardest things to do is leave the house knowing they will miss their four-legged friend.

But Cassidy Matwiyoff, a high school student from San Diego, has found a way to keep puppies from languishing pathetically when their owners have to leave. Discover the “Bow Wow”, a Matwiyoff robot designed to keep dogs company.

“I thought, ‘What problem can I solve in this world?’ and I looked at my dog ​​who is always sad when we are home alone,” Matwiyoff told KGTV.

She says the robot will first get the dog’s attention by dropping a treat. After a pause, to give the dog enough time to get to the treat, the Bow Wow will begin to pet the pup. The device looks a bit like a large white ice cream cone, with an arm sticking out.

She told the Del Mar Hours that she got the idea while watching shark tank.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be so nice to be on shark tank one day and live that true passion of an entrepreneur by taking an idea, putting it into a project and bringing it to life? “, Matwiyoff told the outlet.

Cassidy Matwiyoff invented the Bow Wow, a dog-petting robot to keep animals company. The robot in this photo is not the Bow Wow itself.
Miriam Doerr/Getty

She made sure no such device already existed and filed for a patent, according to KGTV, and even worked on a four-year business plan to get the Bow Wow off the ground.

She tested her idea while volunteering at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, petting different dogs with a glove on a stick, KGTV reported. Although the puppies didn’t seem interested, most dogs over a year old appreciated the attention, even if it wasn’t from a flesh-and-blood human hand.

After designing a prototype, she pitched her idea to Chico State’s Capstone Design and Engineering program, according to KGTV. This program solicits ideas from the public, and the best ideas are worked on by students to put into the real world – and, of course, Matwiyoff got the nod.

“The next step after completing the final design is to seek funding from investors so that we can actually bring this to market,” Matwiyoff told the Del Mar Hours.

While it doesn’t look like Matwiyoff has found any investors yet, it’s probably only a matter of time. In the meantime, however, she is heading to college, specifically the University of Alabama Honors College, where the Del Mar Hours says she plans to double major in political science and pre-medical studies.

She told the outlet that although she knows college is tough, she hopes she can be a student at the same time as an entrepreneur.

“It was a truly unique opportunity to appreciate all that is out there and the opportunities on the horizon,” Matwiyoff told the newspaper.

Newsweek contacted Matwiyoff for comment.

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