British Columbia judge frees dog that killed another dog on canine death row


Ken Griffiths can’t wait for the chance to finally get his dog, Bronx – a three-year-old Rottweiler mix named Bronx – from Victoria’s Animal Control.

On Tuesday morning, BC Provincial Court Judge Adrian Brooks freed the Bronx from what’s known as canine death row after the city of Victoria demanded its destruction.

The request came after the Bronx killed a dog in 2018 while living with its former owner. He then bit several dogs and people.

A month ago, a provincial court judge officially allowed Griffiths to assess the Rottweiler.

Griffiths’ rehabilitation process was filmed and turned over to the City of Victoria in an attempt to prove the Bronx was a candidate for change.

“I’m probably going to start crying, I’ll tell you that,” Griffiths told CHEK News after the judge’s ruling.

Lisa Warden, an animal advocate, worked for months for the liberation of the Bronx.

“It’s a fantastic, fantastic day for the Bronx that the decision has come on the side of redemption,” Warden said. “Second chances, and really the happiest outcome possible in light of the situation. “

She says the judge stressed the need for animal control in the future to work with dogs and their keepers to resolve issues before they reach court.

“Justice Brooks recognized that when a court has to make a decision like this, it’s not just the wrong things a dog has done that count. The good things a dog has done matter, ”said Warden.

The manager said the city assessor also said in court that a dog’s past behavior was also essential.

“What the city assessor pointed out is that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. So past good behavior matters too.

Regarding his first night at home, Griffiths has plans for the Bronx.

“I have 35 dogs in my house, they and my students are getting ready for a big welcome home party.”

After a long walk, the Bronx will head to their new home in the Comox Valley.

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