Calgary police dogs and their humans received service medals and badges

Members of the newly certified canine unit and police service dog teams received medals and badges for their service and dedication at Calgary Police Service Headquarters on June 28, 2022. HAJAR AL KHOUZAII/FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY

Calgary Police Services (CPS) canine members and newly certified police dog teams were recognized at a ceremony on Tuesday.

Six medals were presented June 28 to members of the CPC Canine Unit for their years of service. Five badges were given to newly accredited dog teams.

The ceremony took place at CPA’s head office in northeast Calgary.

Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld said the ceremony marks a milestone for members of the canine unit.

“Our canine unit, as many are well aware, has been an integral part of the Calgary Police Service for 62 years,” Neufeld said.

“I am delighted to be here to present well-deserved medals and service badges to our newly certified canine teams and canine unit members who have demonstrated many years of hard work and dedicated service to Calgarians. »

Dogs, an invaluable tool for the CPS: Chef Neufeld

Neufeld also acknowledged the lack of understanding some may have for CPS’s use of dogs. He said dogs played an important role in daily police work.

“Our highly trained dog teams are an invaluable tool in locating dangerous suspects, illegal drugs and explosive materials,” Neufeld said.

Neufeld members of the canine unit for their hard work and dedication to making Calgary a safe city.

One of the medals presented was a CPS Distinguished Service Award for 10 years of dedicated service to Calgary.

All remaining medals were Alberta Emergency Service Medals for 12 years of dedicated service as a first responder.

Newly certified police service dogs received silver badges. They were similar in shape and size to those their human counterparts received.

Sergeant Ian Vernon of the Calgary Police Service Canine Unit concluded the ceremony by thanking the recipients for their hard work and dedication and thanked the attendees for being part of “this important day”.

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