Canine Pawtential: North Ayrshire kids love dog training days

An Ayrshire dog training company has shared its success in taking its training program to residential care homes.

Canine Pawtential is run by Amie and Lynsey, offering group lessons, based in Irvine and Dreghorn at the moment, and individual services in Ayrshire.

After taking a four-week training course with children in a nursing home, assisted by her furry friend Beau, Amie told The Times how popular and beneficial it was.

She said: “The feedback from the kids and how they embraced everything we threw at them every week is just amazing.

We have themed each week differently to give them variety.

“At home, Beau has the most wonderful job of brightening up and helping the kids through their day, providing them with a support mechanism and an incredible boost to not only the kids’ mental health but also staff.

“We go there every week to do fun and interactive activities with the kids to show them how they too can have a positive impact on Beau’s life.

“We also made dog-friendly treats and set up a sensory workshop for Beau explaining how it helps him gain confidence and always encourages him to experiment with new things.

“We can definitely end our four weeks together knowing they have the skills and knowledge to know how to care for and entertain a dog when they grow up to have one of their own.

“We cannot express enough how rewarding this program has been and we look forward to being involved with them again in the near future.”

Amie and Lyndsey say they started the business together because they both have the same passion and ethics when it comes to training dogs and educating people.

The pair feel like they can offer a lot of knowledge and information to all dog sitters by providing positive, no-force training solutions for a variety of issues dog sitters may have, from puppies to older dogs.

They said: “We believe that no dog (or person) is ever too young or too old to learn and we want people to see how amazing a dog can be when given the opportunity. and the love it deserves.”

For more information about the company you can email them to: [email protected]

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