canned pet food problems

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – A concerned viewer contacted our newsroom after she was unable to find cat food on the shelves, and the food that is on sale is skyrocketing.

With the shortage of canned wet cat and dog food, we wanted to know why and what people can do to save money while ensuring they are feeding their pets the right way.

“The good news is, as you can see on our shelves, we’re getting a lot more product,” said Dave Ratner, owner of Dave’s Soda & Pet City. “The bad news is that it comes at a much higher price.”

Local pet store owner Dave Ratner spoke to Western Mass News amid heavy stockpiling of pet food, but with shelves slowly filling up.

A Western Mass News viewer, who couldn’t find cat food, reached out to our Get Answers Line saying:

“I’ve resorted to mixing cat treats into tuna or even baby food because the shelves are empty.”

“It’s more canned cat food because cats eat tuna,” Ratner explained. “All the tuna comes from Thailand.”

Ratner warned against making your own cat food mix.

“Don’t do this because cats have specific needs, like they need a certain amount of taurine,” he said. “Dogs are so much easier than cats.”

A combination of cost and demand, as the number of pet owners rose 3% during the pandemic, contributed to what University of Western New England economics professor Karl Petrick called “a perfect storm”.

“One with the closure of overseas factories, especially in China and Thailand, and shipping costs, which have skyrocketed,” Professor Petrick said.

Meanwhile, at Pet Supplies Plus in Springfield, which opened earlier this month, Reid Nelson relied on exclusive products to boost the supply to just 50 cents a box.

“Cats can be picky, I understand that,” Nelson told us. “They definitely have their flavor that they love. We sell many different brands of similar flavors and varieties, try it.

Store owners are constantly trying to stay one step ahead.

“We order it constantly, every week,” Nelson said. “I even order supplements. Often this will give you a certain percentage of what you order, so we order more to try and get a higher percentage.

We asked for ways to save money with the skyrocketing prices of premium canned foods.

“Take some good dry and mix it with the box,” Nelson suggested. “It’s a way to save money while still feeding the dog or cat the right way.”

Professor Petrick has also identified ways to start transitioning your cat or dog slowly to a new diet. For more information on how to do this, you can find tips for change cat diet here and dog diets here.

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