Cats and dogs available for adoption on Long Island


Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue


Start running to meet Jason! This friendly tuxedo was rescued from a wild colony in Port Jefferson last spring and patiently awaits his forever home in Last Hope, where he likes to show his silly side to passers-by. At just 2.5 years old, this adorable boy would just love the chance to become someone’s beloved pet. To meet Jason by appointment, please complete and submit a Cat Adoption Application found on the Last Hope website home page at

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

** The North Shore Animal League America will waive adoption fees for all felines six months and older until September for approved adopters.

Bear and Simba

** Dual Adoption & Senior Alert ** Five Year Old Bear (Adoption # BF3518) was discovered by a local rescuer and given a quiet place to relearn how he feels about humans. At the same time, the life of 10-year-old Simba (Adoption # H202720) was turned upside down when he found himself deprived after losing the only home he had ever known. These very different boys needed the same care and support they felt in a very quiet, cage-free room they shared. Over time, the NSALA team have found that this friendship gives each of them the courage to overcome their fears and learn to navigate their new lives together. Our ultimate goal for Bear and Simba, who may have had very different life experiences before being rescued, but are bonded by the brotherhood of friendship.


Are you looking for a charming new love of your life? Look no further than Felicity (Adoption # L80574)! This formidable five month old tabico is going to grab someone’s attention very quickly. The NSALA is hoping that a lucky person picks it up and reassures them that the next phase of their life will be the best. Why? Because she becomes a member of your family!

Piper and Dexter

** Double adoption ** Need a pair of kittens to make you smile? Piper (Adoption # NCI2251) and Dexter (Adoption # NCI2252), 5 months old, are the perfect choice for you. These bonded siblings were born with a smile on their face and have everything you could hope for wrapped up in little tuxedo coats! Two is more fun than one – and a lot less work for humans. Just show them your house and watch them fill it with laughter and love! And remember, when you adopt an animal, you save two lives: the one you adopt and the one we now have room to save… so adopting two kittens means you save four lives.

Jesse and Dusty

** Double Adoption ** Jesse (Adoption # H208030) and Dusty (Adoption # H208031), 5, recently lost the only home they’ve ever known due to allergies, so the NSALA team took them on welcomed back into our care, promising those better days are ahead. While Jesse’s heart is full of gratitude, his less courageous brother watches closely to see who he can trust. Together, they help each other cope with the uncertainty, and the NSALA is here to assure them that they will soon be cherished again like the heart of a family. If you want to give these big brothers the home they needed, ask to meet them today.

Tacos and Burrita

** Double Adoption ** This pair of shy four month old kittens latched onto each other as they settled into the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends feline adoption center. Taco (Adoption # NCI2357) and Burrita traveled from the sister NSALA shelter in Glen Falls, hoping for the opportunity to be discovered by their family. You might have to talk to Burrita with these awesome ear tufts, but Taco knows what she has to do to woo you. These slow flashes are fascinating! If you have a quiet, predictable home with kids ages ten and up, we have a dedicated pair of sisters who would love to make it their own!


Can you believe little Meadow (Adoption # SCR3136) was a mom cat? She’s practically a kitten herself! We’re thrilled to offer this one-year-old girl rescued in South Carolina the opportunity to spend the rest of her life indoors as part of a loving family, possibly her first! No more babies for this baby; it is time for her to flourish. If your heart is set on someone young, fun, gorgeous, and grateful, please drop by and meet Meadow today.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about adopting the adorable NSALA adoptables!

Available for adoption at Presque Home Animal Rescue

If you’re looking for a new member of the furry feline family, Almost Home has a bunch of amazing kittens to consider. Visit their website or call 631-627-3665 and come meet some awesome kittens! You will not be disappointed !

Available for adoption at the Smithtown Town Animal Shelter


** Senior Alert ** Blaze is an 8-9 year old male who was rescued by Smithtown animal control officers when he was found abandoned and left in a cage at Blydenburgh Park. Blaze is an extremely loyal guy who is very protective of the people he trusts. He is energetic, playful and affectionate. Her favorite activities include swimming in the kids’ pool, going for walks and playing with toys. He’s also a big eater and a big kiss! Blaze should be the only pet in an adult-only home, and any potential owner should be experienced with their breed.

If you would like to meet Blaze, please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Thor, Baldur, and Hela found their way to the TOH Animal Shelter after Animal Control removed them from the yard of an abandoned house believed to have been inhabited by squatters. There was no sign of food or water, and when staff and volunteers first fed them, they ate very quickly.

Thor is very sweet, very playful, very puppy-like, loves to play with toys and absolutely LOVES the attention. He is slightly cautious when meeting new people, but heats up very quickly and will turn around to rub his stomach. Thor accepts dogs and is recommended for a home with children 13 and older with a family with Mastiff experience.

Baldur is very gentle, calmer than his gentle brother Thor, and very playful. Baldur enjoys meeting new people and loves dogs, although a little more cautious than his brother Thor. Baldur is also the smaller of the two and is looking for a home with kids 13 and up.

Hela was a little nervous on admission, but now that she’s out of her shell, she’s very affectionate and will crave your attention. She loves to run in the yard and loves treats. She is also quite easy to walk on a leash. Once she has made her way into a loving home, she will thrive and flourish. Hela was interested in meeting the shelter’s service dog during her dog test, but seemed a little unsure and is looking for a home with children 17 and over due to her general nervousness.

If you would like to learn more about the adoption of Thor, Baldur or Hela, please contact the Shelter Placement Team at 516.785.5220 or email [email protected]

Available for adoption through Remember Me Rescue


Sky is a beautiful 6 year old blue eyed husky purchased from a pet store by dog ​​owners for the first time. With no exercise and little structure, Sky began to run the house, like any typical husky would. She started keeping small items and the family didn’t know what to do, especially after their baby was born, so instead of investing in training, they locked her in the hallway for a year and a half. Sky is a cute girl who craves a leader. She is funny and happy. She loves to go for walks and hikes and if you have another active man who doesn’t mind a pretty lady looking after you… they would be good friends. Sky is currently in Albany on an awesome board and train tackling his custody issues that can be easily managed with structure. Anyone who adopts Sky will receive two free sessions from their trainer.


As beautiful as her name, Rosebud is a 5 year old, 50 pound sheepdog mix who may be a bit shy at first but she is getting to know you, she definitely loves you! Rosebud was a surrender owner who was locked in a room most of her life (which explains the shyness). She would do better without other dogs in her new home.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Sky or Rosebud, please send an email to [email protected]

As always, thank you for reading and remember to always adopt, never buy… pass it on!

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