China to complete Beidou GPS-like satellite network



Later this month, China plans to launch a major positioning satellite into space. It is the last satellite of the world network, known as GPS, as an alternative to the network built by the United States, or even a competitor. This network affects Chinese industry and phone users all over the world.

Satellites are a component of the multi-billion dollar location services business. They run games like Pokemon Go and apps to track your driving, running, pizza delivery, and even your puppy’s whereabouts.

The US military built GPS, the world’s first global navigation satellite system.

“You recognize the spread of GPS as a standard and a global standard. Economically and influential, it is the upper limit of the United States, ”said the Pentagon overseeing the production of satellites and now. Bill La Plante, who works for Miter Corp, said.

Recently, Russians and Europeans have built networks. And China is trying to end, a $ 9 billion project Hokuto.. This is the Mandarin of “Big Dipper”. Like GPS, BeiDou provides signals for free.

So why invest? Satellites provide know-how that leads to spin-off companies and new industries.

“I think it’s because China is well aware of the future of precision navigation timing and market standards. If we can control it, we are probably a great power, ”said Laplante.

This includes military might. In a confrontation in the mid-1990s, China fired missiles at Taiwan, but Chinese sources said the Americans were blocking GPS signals from precision weapons.

“You don’t have any information on your positioning, which is why China wanted to be independent and have its own satellite navigation system,” said Stella Strataki, analyst at Northern Sky Research. I go.

BeiDou already offers navigation to Chinese planes, cars and phones.

“China is urging all state-owned companies to have Hokuto-ready capacity, so if you’re Samsung or Apple, you’ll have to make that call,” said Stephen Ganote, Avascent aerospace consultant. said sir.

So-called ally of Beijing Belt and road IInitiativeAn international development program, has also joined China’s orbit.

BeiDou also has a feature that GPS does not. It’s a satellite text message.

“If you’re texting through the BeiDou satellite and you’re out of range of your cell phone, there are basically text satellite phones that can be used for a variety of purposes,” Ganote explains.

Many analysts believe that in the future gadgets could communicate with BeiDou as well as with GPS.

China to complete Beidou GPS-like satellite network


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