Clark County moves closer to ruling on possible pet store sales ban

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — The Clark County Commission is closing in on a crucial decision on whether to ban the sale of popular pets — dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs — at local pet stores.

Many animal welfare advocates and corporate supporters made their case in public comments on Tuesday as the Commission was due to vote on the issue.

“I have personally contacted hundreds of people who have purchased dogs from pet stores – none are from shelters,” said one opponent of the proposed order. The draft ordinance would ban the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs in Clark County pet stores and give stores a year to comply.

“We need to stop animals coming into this town,” gs pet stores. What we forget are the backyard breeders,” said another opponent.

FOX5 told you how Commissioner Michael Naft proposed measure with the support of the Animal Foundation, which has suffered for months from a crisis with a flood of abandoned animals, overcrowded conditions, disease and an inability to accommodate strays.

“If all goes well, pet stores should be able to sell pets. At this time, we no longer need animals in the system,” said Dave Schweiger of the Bunnies Matter Rescue Group.

“We need to stop the animals coming into this town,” he said.

The public hearing and eventual vote have been postponed until Dec. 6, so county officials can continue their research into the impact on California since a similar law was recently passed.

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