Conversations with a luminous: PPC loan (Dealmaking and Growth)

Summarized by Roger wohlner

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Dustin Mangone, Managing Partner and Director of PPC LOAN, a member of theThinkAdvisor Luminaries class of 2021.

PPC LOAN won an award in the Products, Programs and Services – Partnerships and Advisory Groups category, in the broader category of Dealmaking and Growth Luminaries.

Dustin explained to us that the firm was started by a group of former commercial bankers in the 1990s and initially funded a number of dental and veterinary practices. They have always focused on the service sector.

He said the company started developing financing and lending solutions for independent consulting firms during the period 2005-2006. At the time, there was no specialized program to meet the specialized needs of consulting firms, no lender focused on this space.

Mangone emphasized that PPC LOAN is structured to be a consistent source of long-term capital and an ongoing partner for the consulting firms they work with. When PPC LOAN started working with financial advisory forms, most of the loans they made were to finance the acquisition of other financial advisory firms and practices.

Dustin says that today, PPC’s funding relationships with consulting firms include not only loans to fund an acquisition, but also funding for advisors to join a practice, as well as internal buyouts in companies. situations where a founder seeks to leave the company. They also offer working capital and lines of credit to consulting firms.

Press play to listen to the full conversation with Dustin Mangone and to learn more about the business of PPC LOAN and the key role they play in funding financial advisory firms for a variety of reasons to help them grow. and grow their business.


PPC LOAN was the first company to develop a dedicated funding program for investment advisers and has been a consistent and reliable source of capital for acquisitions, mergers, buyouts / buyouts, equity investments, succession plans, re fi nancing / consolidation of commercial debts, working capital and lines of credit. Today, as one of the leading conventional lenders, we help finance many transactions that affect not only the lives of buyers and sellers, but the customers of the business as well.

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