Decadent decade | Georgian times

I was walking the new pup this morning (yes, Ken let me…and her name is Scout) and a lot of thoughts sprang up. She’s an Aussiedoodle, the granddaughter of our daughter Sadie (who’s an Australian Shepherd, almost human). One of my main reasons for getting a second dog is the biblical saying: two are better than one. Many members of my family think I’m crazy to get a second dog, especially a puppy. But I believe she’ll be good for Sadie, keeping her company when I’m busy or away, and better for everyone, even me, who needs to get my posteriors off the chair and do something to kick some of that rust off me. Meanwhile, I’m already sleep deprived and trying to figure out how to train a puppy after all these years. I have a small program. We’ll see how it goes.

As I walked through the yard, remembering our first Aussie, Zoe, and her early days as a puppy, it struck me that it had been ten years since we brought her home. Ten years ago, it passed like a minute. We like to think that nothing ever changes, because sometimes the minutes just drag on. We’re perhaps too used to 30-minute sitcoms, where a week’s activity boils down to 20 minutes, if you cut out the ads. I was bigger ten years ago, but much more flexible. Real estate was still slow, even though my art business was stable. We had recently moved into our charming Victorian home in Villa Rica, our three sons were married and our daughter was in college. It was a sweet and very calm moment. When Elizabeth came home during her school breaks, she and I strolled and talked on the cool porch. Then we painted something in the house, to finally make everything beautiful. We had no grandchildren and it was a short, quiet season. Then the harvest began to come…

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