Did this Amazon driver just steal a Michigan owner’s puppy?

An Amazon worker is accused of driving off with a Michigan man’s beloved pup. And he has a video that seems to back up his story.

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Amazon is supposed to drop off packages at your doorstep. In some cases, it’s many, many packages on a semi-regular basis. Guilty of the charge, Your Honor. But a Center Line man says this Amazon employee did the exact opposite. Center Line is a northern suburb of Detroit, a few miles south of Sterling Heights.

Can Amazon Help Find This Man’s Dog?

The little dog named Mauria is an expensive little American bully. Maurice Gunn is the pooch’s owner, and he tells Detroit’s WJBK-TV that he still remains hopeful the online retail giant will sort things out for him.

“I’m still hoping Amazon gets it right,” Gunn says. “It’s been very quiet. Even Sky hasn’t been the same. My other dog is my Frenchie.”

There is no link for “You Stole My Dog” on Amazon’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

All captured on video

Gunn told the TV station that his surveillance system was working.

He explains that the gate was closed earlier this week, but Mauria managed to break free and escape beyond the fence.

The Amazon truck appears and the driver supposedly delivers a package to a house across the street. You can see the dog in the driver’s arms for a moment before he rolls out of frame. It appears the driver put the dog in the van on the passenger side before walking around the vehicle and driving off.

Gunn believes the driver had no intention of searching or searching for the pup’s owners.

“He never attempted to access any of these houses,” Maurice said. “I’ve checked with all the neighbors and no one knows what’s going on. The police department is two blocks away.”

Amazon is investigating

In a statement from Amazon, a representative told WJBK that the company is aware of the situation and is “actively investigating” to find out what is going on.

Maurice Gunn says he just wants his dog back. Anyone with information is asked to contact Center Line Police.

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