Dirty duo captured at Fox Ridge


Both photos are at Coweta County Animal Control and will be adopted / saved from there, according to animal sitter Cyndi Hoffman.

Two little pigs are finally in custody after weeks of devastation in a district of Newnan.

According to the Newnan Police Department, the first pig was arrested on Tuesday and its partner was picked up on Wednesday afternoon.

The two were taken to Coweta County Animal Control and will be adopted / rescued from there, according to animal guardian Cyndi Hoffman.

Hoffman said she was finally able to capture the duo with the help of a local owner who used her yard to help bait the pigs.

“If you live within the city limits, please do not adopt as the ordinance says there are no pigs,” she said. “However, if you are looking for a new pet, the shelter is full of adorable dogs and cats looking for homes.”

The pigs arrived in the Fox Ridge neighborhood several weeks ago and were wreaking havoc on owners’ yards, but were not a threat to local pets. They had been seen occasionally on Mary Freeman Road, Hoffman said.

“They had dug people’s gardens, digging for worms, larvae and things like that,” Hoffman said. “But since they’re smaller pigs, they don’t dig trenches, so most of these problems are easily fixed.”

Hoffman said reports of loose domestic pigs are rare, and she believes the two were someone’s pets that somehow got out.

“If you want a pig, buy a farm in the county,” Hoffman said. “They’re cute to look at, but you really need a specialized place to keep them properly. ”

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