Do pets go to heaven?

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WIAT) — This is a question that many Christians ponder and seek answers to: do our pets go to heaven?

The answer is certainly not black or white, but the Bible offers some details about God’s intentions for animals from Genesis.

Trinity UMC senior pastor Brian Erickson joined Chloe Vincente on CBS 42 News Sunday morning to discuss the somewhat controversial issue.

“Genesis is a good starting point. You see the complexity of humanity’s relationship to creation. God creates all that is and calls it good, but God also distinguishes between mankind and other animals. Humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation, created in the image of God, and in this way distinct from the animal kingdom. At the same time, after the flood in Genesis 9, when God establishes his covenant with creation, it is a covenant not only with mankind, but with every living creature – symbolized by the rainbow in the clouds ”, he explained. “Thus, throughout Scripture, we sense that mankind is separate from the animal kingdom, yet God’s intention is to redeem all creation. So whenever we talk about a beloved pet, what happens when it dies, will we be reunited with our pets in heaven? I don’t claim to have the definitive answers. There have been strands throughout Christian history where theologians have struggled with this. Humans are distinct, but the renewal and redemption that God seeks is the redemption of all life and all creation.

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