Dog obedience school defends itself after abusive dog training videos go viral


Singapore – Videos of shocked dogs with electric collars, kicked, dragged and strangled as part of their obedience training have again circulated on social media, with many internet users condemning the practices.

On Mr. Alfie Pan’s Facebook page, where he shared two of the videos this week, commentators showed how unhappy they were.

Other commenters tagged SPCA Singapore (Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and said it notified Nparks (the National Parks Council) and AVS (Animal Veterinary Service).

Singapore coconut reported that one such animal training service, K-9 Obedience Services, whose trainers are said to be among those in the video, had removed its social media pages.

However, when netizens commented on the Instagram page of another puppy training service, Canine Solutions, the company defended its methods and said customers are keenly aware of the way their pets are trained.

A commenter on their last post on September 21 said they had “finished reporting this account.”

Another called the company “Murderers”.

However, the company responded to its detractors by writing, “We are transparent in our training and our techniques / methods are tailored to each dog. Our customers are fully aware of how we train their dogs.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but since it has come to a point where we and our customers are accused and harassed, we will prevent these misinformed people from posting baseless comments.

In a Facebook post, however, the Singapore SPCA wrote: “A video is circulating about aversive training methods used on dogs. The methods are totally unacceptable from an animal welfare point of view and unfortunately all too common in the dog training industry. It is time for such practices to end. We have referred this matter to the authorities.

To learn more about why animal welfare organizations favor human training over aversive methods, visit Sign the pledge to show your support. / TISG

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