Dog Training Treats: Here are the 10 most effective dog treats for training your adorable pup to sit, stay and walk to heel

Analysts at kennel maker Benchmark Kennels polled dog owners to find their top treats, from chicken to ice cubes proving popular with puppies.

She said: “Certain breeds are certainly easier to train, but there is no such thing as a ‘disobedient’ breed. Just some who are raised to be independent and some who are raised to work closely with you.

“Breeds most likely to be auctioned off include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Toy Poodles, Border Collies – basically breeds that are often considered ‘smart’ breeds and more aloof or independent breeds like Huskies , Harriers, Shiba Inus and a whole host of terriers are generally just as intelligent, it can just be harder to find their wavelength.

Treats can provide the perfect reward and incentive for puppies to follow commands. Creating this positive link between food and obedience can dramatically speed up the training process.

“However, some dogs are also more likely to work for food than others, such as greedy Labradors and pugs.

“These breeds readily view treats as their reward, while working dogs such as spaniels, shepherds and collies might find a toy and a good tug of war more appealing. The key to the training process is to find out what motivates your particular dog.”

Here’s what the survey found to be the most effective workout treats.

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