Dogs Trust urges people to sign up for Canine Care Card


The results suggest that owners could put their dogs in a vulnerable position by not making arrangements for their care if they became seriously ill or died, with nearly a third (32%) of dog owners surveyed at NI by the charity admitting that they didn’t even think about what would happen in this scenario.

Disturbingly, 46% of those surveyed in Northern Ireland also said that while they thought they had a friend or family member taking possession of the dog, they had not discussed it with the person in charge. question and an additional 7% said they didn’t have someone who could help.

Dogs Trust urges the public to sign up for its free dog care card service, to ensure their dog can be cared for by the UK’s largest dog welfare charity in one of its ultramodern placement centers, if it becomes too so. ill to be able to keep them or to die.

The association also encourages dog owners to appoint a “dog sitter”, this can be a family member, a friend or even a neighbor or a veterinarian who agrees to take care for your dog and sign your dog to Dogs Trust in the meantime if you are no longer able. Dogs Trust also recommends updating your will to include your dog care card information and letting your friends and family know your wishes to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible when the time comes.

Conor O’Kane, director of the placement center at Dogs Trust Ballymena, said: are cared for as you would at home.

The important post comes as the charity launches a heartwarming television commercial this week, encouraging people to consider signing up for a free dog care card.

The ad (see photo), with a voiceover from dog-loving actor Jonathan Pryce, depicts the crossbreed’s close connection, Wilf, and his owner, Tom – including Wilf’s penchant for stealing underwear from Tom.

Dogs Trust urges owners to anticipate and arrange for their dog’s care in the event of serious illness or death

Sadly, Tom passed away, but luckily he had signed up for the Dogs Trust canine care card, meaning Wilf and all his quirks were taken care of by the charity.

The ad (see above) will air on UK TV screens for eight weeks and can be viewed at

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