Dubliner turns pandemic to his advantage with new pet umbrella business


The “world” of a Dublin dog owner has exploded after demand for his unique puppy product soared.

Glenn Doyle from Blanchardstown has been busy on the roads delivering pet umbrellas to Dublin dog lovers.

The director of the poker tournament started his business during Covid in order to make ends meet during the months of the pandemic.

And now he’s planning to expand what used to be a business to keep him going during the lockdown.

He told Dublin Live how the business started: “I’m a poker tournament director, when Covid started everything ceased to exist. I was looking for other sources of income. We started to organize golf tournaments and wanted to buy branded products.

“We had jackets, hats, golf umbrellas, and then our umbrella supplier had these dog umbrellas, so I thought of that. I have been to large pet stores and no one has stored them and no one has ever stored them.

“So we took an order and in a window of about 24 hours we had 500 comments and 50 messages, they were actually selling, so we bought more.

“My phone has been blown all day. I already had to charge it twice today. We were moving forward, but today it’s like a different world has blown up.

The all-in-one item includes a connected leash and umbrella and 29-year-old Mr Doyle explained how the Irish see them as a novelty, even though it is a “very functional item “.

He said: “Some see it as a joke, others see it as a gift idea, but it’s actually a very practical item in Ireland, especially with the weather we get.

“I compare them to a human umbrella, it is effectively the same concept for a pet. You keep the majority of the rain out of them, you don’t get the damp smell.

“Our little chihuahua, Sasha, is pampered. My girlfriend treats the dog better than me and the umbrellas are great for small dogs and pets too.

And although poker is his pride and joy, he appreciates this career change because it is a “unique atmosphere” and he is ambitious in his business.

“My friend from England works in the pet industry and they want them too now, hopefully it could go global,” Glenn continued.

“She’s partly French and most of the restaurants have seats where you can bring your dog to the table and they pamper their dogs at phenomenal numbers so she said I had to bring them to France.

“I’m just a young boy from Blanchardstown, I’ve never had anything like this. My goal is to go to Europe and the world.

You can follow Pet Umbrella’s Ireland on Instagram here and put your paws on a doggy brolly.

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