Edmonds Police Blotter: November 1-8, 2022

November, 1st

Block 23600, Highway 99: A man escaped from a business after refusing to leave at the request of the manager.

Block 23800 Highway 99: A woman was trespassed at a business after causing a disturbance with staff.

Block 23600 Highway 99: A man was trespassed at a business after he was caught shoplifting.

20500 block 76th Avenue West: A concerned mother reported that a young girl was harassing her daughter at home.

Block 21900 Highway 99: A man was arrested for shoplifting.

21500 block 73rd Place West: A vehicle was spray painted and a rock was thrown through the rear window.

23000 block 106th Avenue West: A man was arrested for another agency’s warrant.

Block 24000 Highway 99: Police arrested the registered owner of a vehicle on a warrant.

Block 24100 Highway 99: A man broke into a business.

November 2

8300 block 238th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for warrants during a traffic stop.

19500 block 88th Avenue West: Subject reported two guns missing after moving from Washington to Arkansas.

Block 22900 Highway 99: Subject failed to return rental items to a store, resulting in felony charges.

Block 23600 Highway 99: A man was arrested for shoplifting from a clothing store.

Block 200 5th Avenue North: Several lost and found items were turned over to the Edmonds Police Department public counter for safekeeping.

Block 21900 Highway 99: A woman was arrested for stealing a vehicle.

Block 23600 Highway 99: A woman walked out of a store with unpaid merchandise. The items were recovered and returned.

23800 block 78th Avenue West: Subject was blackmailed after exchanging explicit photos on social media.

November 3

8500 block 238th Street Southwest: A man broke into a church.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A man was arrested after refusing to pay for his meal.

Block 22000 Highway 99: A man was broken into a cafe.

7900 block 211th Place Southwest: A vehicle reported as abandoned has been stolen.

Block 23800 Highway 99: Two businesses had their windows smashed.

9200 block 192nd Place Southwest: A woman entered a neighbor’s property and damaged the landscaping. Criminal charges were dismissed.

8000 Block 190th Street Southwest: Police arrested a driver with a suspended license in the area of ​​suspected drug activity.

Block 8500 Main Street: A woman authorized a stranger on the phone to access her bank account, resulting in the purchase of $2,000 worth of gift cards.

Block 23800 Edmonds Way: A child reported that a domestic dispute had occurred between his parents.

7300 block 215th Street Southwest: A stolen vehicle has been recovered.

Block 21900 Highway 99: Stolen vehicle tracked by GPS escaped police during traffic stop and failed to stop. The driver was later arrested by Marysville PD.

21300 block 80th Avenue West: A man stole his girlfriend’s phone and assaulted her.

November 4

Block 23600 Highway 99: A suspicious subject has been reported in a business.

Block 16800 Larch Way: Edmonds PD provided drone assistance to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office for a burglary investigation.

Block 600 Sunset Avenue North: A complaint from a passerby in the area led to an arrest for trespassing.

Block 7900 202nd Place Southwest: License plates were stolen from a vehicle.

Block 21900 Highway 99: A man was arrested on warrant and for theft.

Block 23600 Highway 99: One shoplifting has been reported.

Block 8500 Madrona Lane: A woman walked away from an adult family home earlier today and has not returned or contacted anyone.

Block 100 Main Street: The decorations of a downtown business were vandalized overnight.

Block 1000 Euclid Avenue: A woman had her license plate stolen from her driveway.

8400 Block 244th Street SW: The reporting party received threatening messages and paid money out of fear.

Block 9500 Bowdoin Way: A suspicious man and woman were reported in an after-hours park.

November 5

21600 block 76th Avenue West: A car rammed two vehicles parked in a hospital parking lot and the driver fled.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: Vehicle windows smashed and items stolen.

7300 block 213th Place Southwest: A motorcycle was damaged in an attempted theft while parked in a parking lot.

Block 23300 Edmonds Way: The owner of a dog who ran loose was cited due to repeat offences.

Block 22500 Highway 99: A man was arrested for theft and a warrant.

Block 23000 Edmonds Way: A man said a gold ring was missing from his property and he suspects it was stolen by movers he hired.

9300 block 217th Place Southwest: Continued harassment by family friend led to assault, with charges dismissed

Block 24100 Highway 99: A shoplifter was locked in a store after trying to get out with merchandise. The suspect was arrested and imprisoned.

23600 block 78th Place West: One adult has been reported missing.

November 6

7700 block 199th Street Southwest: A subject was arrested for violating a no contact order.

Edmonds Way/100th Avenue West: A woman driving under the influence of alcohol caused a collision.

November 7

23400 block 194th Avenue West: A vacant house has been broken into.

Block 23800 Highway 99: A subject causing a disturbance entered a business by intrusion.

Block 23700 Highway 99: Man broke into business after causing disturbance

Block 300, 2nd Avenue South: A neighbor attempted to enter an adjacent unit, which caused property damage.

21000 block 76th Avenue West: Subject met someone online and engaged in fraudulent activity.

7800 block 199th Street Southwest: Victim’s personal information was used in an attempted vehicle purchase fraud.

Block 1000 Main Street: A welfare check led to a warrant for his arrest.

7600 Block 212th Street SW: An anonymous online report of a student threatening to shoot at a school has been received.

200 block 5th Avenue North: Police received a cyber warning from TikTok about possible child abuse reported by the FBI.

9300 block 244th Street Southwest: A man reported that his dog was attacked by another owner’s dog in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Block 23600 Highway 99: Subject robbed from department store.

November 8

84th Avenue West/196th Street Southwest: A man and woman were found in a vehicle during a physical altercation.

23100 block 100th Avenue West: A man broke in after refusing to leave.

Block 23600 Highway 99: A man was arrested for causing damage to another person’s vehicle and for trespassing.

8600 block 244th Street Southwest: A vehicle was stolen from a parking lot.

20900 Block 70th Avenue West: Behavioral Health Contact.

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