Eight new teams of canine officers graduated from the academy, including one from Middletown

Eight new canine agents and their handlers graduated from the training academy on Thursday, state police said.

Connecticut State Police

MIDDLETOWN – State Police announced on Thursday that eight new canine officers and their handlers have graduated from the training academy, including two from the Middletown Police Department.

Trooper First Class Lance Carlson and his dog, Gordon, of Troop B; Rider Aaron Pelletier and his dog Roso, from the H troop; Trooper First Class Christopher Porrini and his dog, Jaris, of Troop H; Rider Zachary Augenstein and his dog, Zyro, of the K troop; Private First Class Katherine Chamrin and her dog Kasho of E Troop; Officer Joseph Walsh and his dog, Coty, of the Hartford Police Department; Middletown Police Officer Jeffrey Scoppetto and his dog, Lupo, and Correctional Officer Sean Kelly and his dog, Knauss, are graduates of the State Police Canine Unit of the Training Academy of Connecticut state police, officials said in an email.

“The patrol dog teams trained for 15 weeks; all the patrol dogs are German Shepherds, ”officials said. “Dogs are an essential tool for law enforcement and are trained in the areas of obedience, patrolling, locating missing persons, searches of buildings, arresting criminals, recovery of evidence, crowd control and protection of their masters. “

They are the 223rd class of patrol dogs in the academy’s history, officials said.

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