Farmington shelter struggles to find homes for the animals forever


“It doesn’t seem like there are that many, but their length of stay is much longer, so they stay here a lot longer and adoptions are a bit slower. And then, traditionally, we always transfer the animals. to other areas that have higher adoption rates for those who need animals and are really slowed down, shelters across the country are having the same issues as we are, ”said Stacie Voss, director of property -be an animal at the Farmington Animal Shelter.

Making things even more difficult is the lack of staff. This is a big enough problem that the shelter now has to close on Sundays.

“Really that’s not a good thing, that’s what we need to do right now, but we’re really looking to reopen on Sunday as soon as we have the staff and we can, because then people can come in. and adopt and the animals come out the door instead of just coming in through the door, ”Voss said.

For now, the shelter is asking for help through other means, such as volunteers. If people don’t want to adopt, they can take in a pet, which would contribute to overcrowding.

Voss said some animals have called the shelter for months, especially dogs.

“We go kennel by kennel every day, when a dog opens there is another dog that is ready for it, so we have been fighting for a few weeks now with the dog space in particular,” he said. she declared.

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