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Can you have a negative credit history without taking any credit? Yes! We will introduce you to one of the paradoxes we encounter many times in our everyday work with clients.
The case concerns ” non-contractual debit in the account “. There is a possibility of indebtedness on the account, which we have not agreed with the bank in any way.

HOW? Here is the most common example

HOW? Here is the most common example

A few years ago, tempted by a very interesting promotion, you set up a personal account at bank X. Very attractive offer – free transfers, ATMs, generally everything is free.
After some time, however, you stopped using the account, maybe you moved to bank Y, which offered an even more favorable account.

You forgot about your bank account …
Months and years passed – and the account was still active.

In the meantime, the offer at bank X has changed and some of the once free services have become payable. Of course, the bank has completed the formalities and informed you about the change in the regulations, but let’s face it, who reads them at all? This could have resulted in a change in your email address or residential or correspondence address, and you may not even see the new regulations.
At this point, the growing snowball, which was charged monthly, is already the size of an avalanche.

Every month

The bank took a few zlotys from your account for keeping it. What happens when there was no money on it? The bank started going below zero. Minus PLN 5, minus PLN 10, minus PLN 15 … Interest began to arise. In this way, after accumulating small monthly fees, after cumulating the debt reaches at least several hundred zlotys. At the beginning, the bank is not looking for contact with you, because simply collecting such a small debt is unprofitable. It is only when the debt in the amount of the several hundred zlotys arises that the debt collection machine starts and you learn about the situation.

Even after repayment of the liability in BIK will remain a trace of this situation. Delays after several hundred days can cancel the chance for a loan in many banks, where in the initial phase it is often the machine that decides whether the application will go to the analyst for further procedure. As you can guess, in most cases after catching such a long delay in repayment, you immediately receive a refusal from the bank.


  1. Complaints – a lot of such cases can be explained by means of a complaint letter. Most banks do not have a problem with removing such an entry, however, the entire procedure can take up to a month. It is always worth arguing to increase the chance of a positive consideration of a complaint.

  2. If the situation is urgent and you need a loan “for yesterday”, it is worth choosing a bank that will be more flexible and, despite the initial negative decision, it will be possible to start talks with the analyst and explain the reasons for the debt.

Probably many of you are wondering now whether all bills that have not been used since will be closed for sure. It is worth spending some free time and in case of uncertainty, determine the facts by contacting the hotline or visiting a bank outlet.

Another useful tool to control your finances is the BIK report, which collects this type of information about us. You can learn about how to get it from previous entries, where in one of them we have prepared an instructional video on how to do it step by step.

Signature online loans -Online signature loans no credit check are 100% safe /signature-online-loans-online-signature-loans-no-credit-check-are-100-safe/ Tue, 19 Nov 2019 11:50:57 +0000

The possibilities are almost endless on the Internet and this goes without saying even for those in need of an extra supplement at the checkout. Loan online is a new concept that has become very popular in a short time.

Online you can borrow money conveniently without all the questions that you usually have to answer when you go to the bank. Digitizing lenders and banks is a natural step in society’s adaptation to a digital IT world where speed and accessibility are two key keywords.

Online signature loans no credit check are fast and 100% safe 

In these modern times, many people prefer to handle all banking matters digitally. It is therefore not particularly surprising that the digital loan market is showing strong growth.

On the Internet, there are online signature loans no credit check. It doesn’t matter if you want to borrow money for bills, a trip or for a new house – there is funding for all your wishes!

These smaller loans with a short maturity

These smaller loans with a short maturity

Above all, there are a plethora of lenders that pass on small loans of USD 5000 to USD 10000. These smaller loans with a short maturity have unofficially been named fast loans and are giving quick money in the account.

Of course, it is also possible to borrow large sums of money. Without collateral, it is possible to borrow up to USD 350,000 while mortgages are granted on the order of USD 200,000 – 5,000,0000.

The best tricks when you borrow digitally

  • Something that many people miss when they borrow money online is to check if the loan can be deducted. Most of all loans are deductible, which means that you have the option of deducting a certain percentage of the interest that you pay on the loan amount.
  • Take advantage of any of the comparison sites available, so you can more easily find the loan with the lowest interest rate.
  • Borrowing interest-free – new customers often have the opportunity to try out what it’s like to borrow without paying interest.
  • Take the help of a mortgage broker and lower your monthly costs. Collect all loans in one place.
  • Get a credit card that you can use as a buffer in your everyday life.
  • Choose a loan where you have the option to extend the repayment period if needed.
  • Take out loan protection and you will not have to repay the loan if you suddenly become unemployed or ill.
Small savings between friends – Loans /small-savings-between-friends-loans/ Tue, 15 Oct 2019 19:25:27 +0000

Against a backdrop of crisis and fiscal discipline, the French are tightening their belts and trying to consume more clever. Focus on new community trends.

Beware of waste!

Beware of waste!

The “waste gas hunt” of 1973 is not so far away and the French are increasingly using alternative consumption methods. Indeed, according to a study of the Observatory society and consumption published in early November, more than one French out of 2 seeks to exit traditional merchant networks.

They say they want to “consume better” or even “consume less”. Attention, this desire to save is not only due to the crisis and the decline in purchasing power. It turns out that the French simply want to stop wasting.

But then, what is “consume better”?


For the French, to consume better is not only to save money but to buy smart. French is on the lookout for the good plan. Often this means buying together and pooling consumption to avoid waste and unnecessary expenses.

Attendance at sites like Good Finance or Living Social that offer group purchases has also exploded in recent months. Buying together to save money is a concept that seduces the French. And far from being a fad deliberately “bobo”, smart shopping is rooted in all layers of French society.

In the course of the great


Today, thanks to the enthusiasm of consumers, community sites are heckling the “big” French industry: hotels, restaurants, transport, etc … We all know now “Le Bon Coin” which connects sellers and private buyers, Couchsurfing, which offers addresses of homestay accommodation or to make the route to several at a lower cost. The Bank is no exception to the rule with the loan between individuals that tickles the major credit institutions.

Almost every branch of consumption will find its “community” version equivalent: home cooked meals, concert tickets and sightseeing tours. We will now dare to share additional portions of our meal, exchange his apartment with a stranger from the end of the world or offer a guided tour of his city to a tourist. Alternative solutions to the traditional system that satisfy the French who want to hunt for unnecessary expenses and want to recreate the social link.

Yes, but tomorrow?

Consumers have understood that it is easy to consume better on a daily basis without necessarily spending hours cutting out vouchers.

The economies are everywhere and the French realize the interest of thinking together about the consumption of tomorrow. A collective conscience that calls on the honesty and solidarity of each of us to build the world of tomorrow.

The Savings Therapist: Simple Savings Tips That Make Money Enough During the Poor Month – Take out Loan /the-savings-therapist-simple-savings-tips-that-make-money-enough-during-the-poor-month-take-out-loan/ Wed, 09 Oct 2019 19:02:37 +0000 Therapist Karin Nordlander gives her best simple savings tips for the poor month.

The Christmas and New Year holidays are over, the Christmas presents opened and the Christmas ham eaten. Time to return to everyday life.

For many, January means that it is quite empty in the wallet – it is not without reason why it is called the poor month. But don’t lose your courage!

Sure, it may be tempting to want to escape from the misery


But taking loans or turning a blind eye to reality is not a good solution in the long run. Instead, see it as a challenge: You fix this! You can live well even with a limited economy and there are many things you can do that will make your money last longer. Here are some of my best savings tips to help you out on the pile:

Keep an eye

Keep an eye

  • Make a budget. Assume how much money you have to spend during the month, write down your fixed costs and then calculate how much you have for food, clothing and savings. For example, the Consumer Agency has a good budget estimate.
  • For cashbook. Find out where the money actually goes by writing down all your expenses. A little brave at first maybe but after a few days you get into the habit. When you know where the money is going, you also know what you can save on.

Save on everyday expenses


  • Make a weekly food slip and wholesale. This way you can avoid small purchases that often cost a lot of money in total
  • Leave the car at home. Go municipal, socialize or walk to work
  • Buy used. At Blocket and other buying and selling sites there are often nice things at a much lower price than if you buy new.
  • Make food boxes. Eating lunch out gets expensive in the long run. Bring your lunch box to work instead and you can save 1200 SEK a month.
  • Collect your loans. Small loans with high interest rates and fees are often real money-savers. Take the help of Boris Godunov’s talented advisers and lower your monthly costs significantly.
  • Avoid small purchases. A bag of candy, a coffee in town, a jar of soda. Small sums can be thought of – but if you skip them you can save over 8000 in one year.
  • Use autogiro. Most companies charge a fee for sending the bills by mail. Avoid the charge and save time by putting the bills on direct debit instead.

Living sparingly can actually be a positive challenge. Make sure to bring the whole family into the savings, help manage the budget. Decide that you will do it and reward yourself with a cozy day or an afternoon in the sledding hill when you succeed.

About Loans with Fund Savings /about-loans-with-fund-savings/ /about-loans-with-fund-savings/#respond Mon, 26 Aug 2019 19:14:17 +0000

Various banks, and in particular the major banks, have in recent years marketed that customers can get repayment on their loans by putting the installments into one of the funds the bank sells. This is what banks call housing-funded savings. The idea is actually quite simple and it can be good in the long run.

A mutual fund will give you a better return 

A mutual fund will give you a better return 

Thus, the customer will be able to earn 0-3% of the saved amount each year. Instead of paying off the loan, the customers put the money they would have paid off into a fund. The cost is the borrowing rate, the income is the return on the stock market. In the long run, it is very likely that the stock market will yield better returns than the mortgage rate. Therefore, the expectation is that this is profitable, but it is not risk-free at all.

The scheme is not a focus of focus. Paying off loans is saving. Instead of saving by repaying the loan, you save in something else. However, if you opt for installment relief and instead save in equity funds, you must be aware that you are financing your equity savings loan. And you also have to be aware that banks’ arguments are not always entirely fair. You often operate with fantasy returns in the stock market.

That way, this may look better than it is.

money cash

It is the historical excess return in the stock market that you can expect to earn in the long run. It is 4-6%. This is what the stock market has historically given on average more than society’s risk-free interest per year. The loan interest rate is often 1-2% above the risk-free interest rate. In addition, the costs of the equity fund will also eat up.

The costs of a mutual fund are on average around 1-2% per year. Thus, there are 0-3% you can expect to earn annually. Let’s take an example: You have a series loan of 1 million over 20 years. This means that you will initially pay NOK 50,000 in the installment per year.

We imagine that instead of paying installments

money cash

You put the installment money into a mutual fund. Thus, your loan balance will always be in millions, but you put 50,000 in equity funds per year. Let’s imagine that you get an average development with 2% excess return per year. Your profit after 20 years will thus be about 215,000 kroner. It is not at all bad considering that you have spent borrowed money in the stock market.

You do not need to buy banks’ compound products in this area. You can fix it yourself. As long as the bank gives you the repayment allowance, you can use the repayment money for other savings. But you have to bet on risky instruments. You need to find a savings form where you can expect the return to be better than the borrowing rate in the long run. If not, this arrangement is meaningless. The most obvious alternative is shares, either mutual funds or individual shares, or a rental apartment.

We believe this is suitable for those who can take risks and have a relatively generous economy. Two rules of thumb may be that your loan must be secured within 60% of the value, and that you can withstand a sharp rise in interest rates or that the fund’s shares will decline in value over a period of time.

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How do I pay the advance in Personal Loan /how-do-i-pay-the-advance-in-personal-loan/ Sun, 25 Aug 2019 15:15:29 +0000

If you are thinking of requesting a personal loan, financing via the internet can be an excellent way to get the resources you need.

Unlike other times when asking for a loan involved an endless process, today the economic solution is just a click away.

We share good reasons to consider a loan and you can give a little respite to your economic situation.

Smart reasons to request a loan

money cash

Personal Loan will be useful:

When an emergency or an unexpected expense appears.

To pay bills, taxes, fees or services, or those purchases you did not have planned, or arose at the last moment.

To give you the tastes you want but that are adjusted to your economic reality.

In all cases you must analyze if you are really able to pay the installments of a loan, for which a simulator is provided, so that you can calculate the total cost of your advance if required.

But just as we give you the reasons why it is convenient to resort to Personal Loan, we also alert you to the reasons why you should not use it:

If with the money you have thought to alleviate previous debts, even less if these were taken in the long term.

If in advance you know that its application will be an expense that does not fit your economic reality and that will only aggravate your financial situation.

For all the above, before resorting to a loan, it is advisable that

Review and read all the Terms and Conditions carefully before accepting them.

Reflections if you can truly reimburse the money in the time you committed.

Think about the use that you will give to money, that it is something that gives you utility, that gives you a solution, and not a headache.

Ask for what you really need.

How do I pay the advance in Personal Loan?

How do I pay the advance in Personal Loan?

Once all the reasons that lead you to request your loan have been analyzed, you only have to follow a few simple steps, which we detail below:

1. Data entry
Complete the web form with the required data to obtain your advance. All the information you offer will be stored on Personal Loan’s servers securely.

2. Transfer
Enter your CBU. Once your advance is approved, you will only have to confirm the counter offer and, if accepted, the money will be transferred to your account in a period that in no case exceeds 24 business hours.

3. Debit
And here is the answer to the initial question: From the same account in which the advance is deposited, your refund will be debited on the day of expiration.

At this point you have to keep in mind that you will only be able to access a new loan once the total amount of the initial advance has been debited.

What is the service of Personal Loan?

Money cash

Personal Loan covers urgent needs with online advances. This is the best solution to any constraint because, as noted above, the loan is deposited in the applicant’s account almost immediately.

And all this, because it follows a policy of commitment to the client to meet their needs and problems; full responsibility and support not only economic but prior to the completion of the advance, as it is proposed to abort all doubts regarding your service.

Personal Loan was born with a commitment, and is to offer an agile, friendly and professional service. These are all premises that each applicant meets, because they all have a positive experience that has become a solution, and under a highly transparent modality.

Smart Savings Tips for New Students – Loans /smart-savings-tips-for-new-students-loans/ /smart-savings-tips-for-new-students-loans/#respond Tue, 06 Aug 2019 18:53:55 +0000

We are now halfway into October and it is noticeable that autumn is here in earnest. The days are getting shorter, but they are still healthy and sunny. However, the most obvious autumn sign is that schools and universities are now in full swing, and lots of new students are on their way to lecture halls and student pockets.

Student years are perhaps the best time of life, with all that it entails of unlimited freedom, new insights and friends for life. The only thing that is sad is that you have so little money. But calm down! We at Loanskin have also been students and know what it is like to turn around the slant. Here are our best savings tips that will prevent you from eating noodles in the final days before the study aid arrives.

Yes, it is fun to go out and eat


And it’s easy to order that pizza after a long plug day. But food is, besides housing, one of the biggest expenses for many students. So eat at home instead. Start a dinner group with some friends and take turns at being at each other’s house and cooking.

Have themed evenings with food from different countries and help you learn how to cook the new dishes, or invite each other to dinner each time during the week and let everyone cook their favorite dish. It’s also a great way to get to know new friends.

Course literature is another major expense item


But there are several good ways to keep costs down. One way is to buy used. Many people did not think as smartly as you, but bought all course literature the first year and have no need for them next year. Check out bulletin boards in the lunch room, Facebook groups and Block ads where old students advertise. When you finish the course, you sell them of course!

Another tip is to buy the course literature with one or a few students, and take turns to have them. Stick to main literature, which will be used throughout the semester and which can be read in parallel with other literature, so that you do not get into fights when it is time for an exam.

This tip is really obvious, but the fact is that many miss this opportunity – borrow books at the library! As soon as you get the list of literature you throw yourself into the library via your smartphone and reserve the books. If someone else has come before you put them in line, then at least they can not borrow the book.

Combine transport with exercise


Our last tip is a combination tip. It’s so simple that it’s not wise: Buy a bike. This way you save the money you would otherwise need to spend on expensive bus tickets – and gym tickets! Because by cycling everywhere you get so much everyday exercise that you don’t have to sweat at the gym. Smart eh?

You can find a better used bike on Blocket, or in the newspaper’s classified ads. In particular, check out the weekend magazine, where there are often buy and sell ads of people who have not really been into the digital age. Often bargain!

Also check the Police’s sale of lost goods or stolen bicycles no one claimed. Most often in auction form, and with some luck good prices.

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