Finance in Motion facilitates € 760m of new sustainability investments in emerging markets in 2020 (new with additional features)


Frankfurt, June 14, 2021 – Finance in Motion, one of the world’s leading impact asset managers, released its annual impact investing report. Entitled “Investing in resilience“, the publication details how, thanks to the funds it advises and manages, the company directed 760 million euros of new investments towards sustainable development in 2020 – the highest ever recorded in a year for the asset manager More than 400 technical assistance interventions supported these financial activities to strengthen their impact and help companies meet operational challenges, particularly in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Finance in Motion advises or manages various impact funds dedicated exclusively to sustainable development in emerging markets. The funds channel investments into topics such as climate action, biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, entrepreneurship and financial inclusion. Particularly given the global disruption caused by the pandemic, funds in 2020 have focused on sustaining or accelerating essential funding and technical assistance in these areas. For example, funding for local businesses helped support 114,000 jobs, while investments in green energy and energy efficiency measures in 2020 helped reduce CO emissions.2 emissions at a rate of 971,000 tonnes per year.

“Investing in Resilience” describes in detail Finance in Motion’s approach to these activities, through detailed information on the company’s impact and sustainability strategy – including measurement and impact monitoring, and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – as well as case studies and key figures.

“Impact investing has always been about problem solving,” said Managing Director Sylvia Wisniwski. “Managing the crisis is nothing new for us. It is in fact a constant and essential characteristic of our business. When Finance in Motion was established in 2009, many issuers were struggling with the financial crisis. Today is the pandemic with all its global ramifications.But then as now, maintain long-term business relationships with our partners who work not only on sunny days but also on stormy days, to maintain a Field presence in our markets and having a deep understanding of our partners have all helped build resilient systems capable of overcoming shocks, delivering targeted interventions, and continuing to drive sustainable development. We hope, with this report, to offer examples of how collaboration and innovation are essential to tackle even daunting challenges – and how impact investing can help come out even stronger than before. ”

Click here to read “Investing in resilience”, the impact report of Finance in Motion 2020.

About Finance on the Move

Finance in Motion is a global impact asset manager focused exclusively on sustainability in emerging markets. The company develops and advises impact investment funds whose blended finance structures bring together public and private investors to fight climate change, strengthen the conversation on biodiversity, promote the sustainable use of natural resources, improve livelihoods and promote economic opportunities.

Over the course of its operations, Finance in Motion has released a cumulative total of over 5.4 billion euros towards these goals in South East Europe, the Caucasus, Latin America, the Middle East, and South Africa. North and sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to investment activities, the funds also provide technical assistance to support recipient businesses, foster responsible finance and maximize impact in the countries they serve. Finance in Motion also makes selected direct investments in high impact companies that share the company’s values.

With 17 offices operating in more than 30 countries, Finance in Motion helps partners grow their businesses and demonstrate that financial and sustainable returns can go hand in hand.

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