Find Phillies Gear on Etsy: Where to Order World Series Items

Phillies equipment is sells out fast everywherewhich isn’t surprising considering the team hadn’t made the playoffs in a decade before this year’s magic run.

Designers on Etsy, many of whom are based in the Philadelphia area, also joined in on the World Series craze, with Phils-themed selections including t-shirts, hoodies, pins, stickers, Christmas decorations, dog bandanas, etc.

And plenty of them still have stuff in stock, from timely apparel celebrating the team’s playoff theme song to plenty of Phanatic-coated evergreen accessories and items.

For those looking to get into the World Series spirit with a bit of online shopping, here’s a look at what you can find at the popular online arts marketplace.

(Note: Pay attention to shipping times. Some of these might arrive a few games into Championships, or even after the series ends, depending on how quickly it happens.)

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“We’re Talkin About the Fightins” Crew Neck

Shop: DimesClub (5 stars, 100 reviews)
Price: $45

No one will ever doubt who you’re talking to again.

Phanatic “Dancing Alone” T-shirt

Shop: Funkadelphia (5 stars, 24 reviews)
Price: $15-$21.27

There’s no way you can skip a search for Phillies World Series gear on Etsy without coming across something related to the Robyn’s song became Calum Scott’s cover turned Phillies playoff anthem. This shop’s take on the lyrics features the Phanatic in motion.

“Smash the Bell” t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie

Shop: WalkDownMemory (4.5 stars, 416 reviews)
Price: $17.99 to $54.99

This design – by an Iowa-based shop – features comic-style gamer artwork, and you can buy it as a t-shirt (long or short sleeve), sweatshirt, or hoodie. .

“Grease the Posts” T-Shirt

Shop: DiamantiStudio (5 stars, 203 reviews)
Price: $20-$30.80

A phrase that is also impossible not to come across in a Phillies Etsy search (or anywhere in Philadelphia, really) this post-season, this T-shirt uses the Phillies signature font to get the message across.

Phantatic Town Hall T-Shirt

Shop: Philastrations (5 stars, 100 reviews)
Price: $34-37

This t-shirt looks pretty normal on the front, with a tiny illustration of the Phillies mascot on the left chest. But on the back, there’s what you’d see if the Phanatic decided to climb to the top of City Hall and bring down the Billy Penn statue from the top. (We’re taking suggestions for a new website name in case that happens.)

Phillies Dog Bandana

Shop: PinkSaltCreatives (5 stars, 72 reviews)
Price: $12-15

Once you’re ready for the Phillies gear, it’s Fido’s turn to deck out. (Would the writing “Phido” cause too much cringe? Yes. We’re sorry.) This handmade bandana is double-sided and goes over the collar.

Other team swag

King Kong Style Phantastic Christmas Ornament

Shop: exit343design (5 stars, 1,757 reviews)
Price: $16

So, Billy Penn isn’t replaced in this Phanatic-on-top-of-City-Hall genre entry, but he’s adopted by a giant King Kong-sized version of the Phanatic. Just another day on Broad Street.

Shocked Bryce Harper Sticker

Shop: MsAubryArt (4.9 stars, 38 reviews)
Price: $2.32-$3.70

Bryce Harper’s face when Kyle Schwarber hit a home run 488 feet deep during the NLCS? It’s a sticker now. (You can also get it on a hoodie.)

Phanatic MLB logo magnet

Shop: JawnShopPhiladelphia (4.9 stars, 715 reviews)
Price: $5.50

For the fridge: Take the Major League Baseball logo, but fantasize it. (You can also buy it as woven patch.)

Fanatic Embroidery Kit

Shop: SippinAndStichin (5 stars, 3 reviews)
Price: $24

Want to keep your hands busy while gaming? Try this DIY kit from local biz Sippin’ and Stitchin’.

“sick” pin

Shop: Pinadelphia (5 stars, 687 reviews)
Price: $8.50

If your job doesn’t allow you to come to work fully dressed in Phillies gear (boooooo), this little enamel pin might be the perfect solution.

Phanatic Peeping Keychain

Shop: broadstreetboosie (5 stars, 733 reviews)
Price: $7.25

If you’ve ever felt the need to have the Phanatic watching you literally everywhere you go, this keychain is for you. You can also get the design as magnet, pinWhere patch.

Fanatical pint glass

Shop: PaulCarpenterArt (5 stars, 2,146 reviews)
Price: $15

Raise your glass to the Fightins. (Tip: If you want to pick one up in person instead of waiting for shipment, try checking Philadelphia Independents in the old town.)

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