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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The newest member of the Miami-Dade Police Department is crawling on all fours. This is because he is a therapy dog ​​named Dottie.

“Dottie is a very, very cute partner,” Officer Alejandro Muñoz said.

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It’s not something you hear Muñoz say too often at work. Unless he’s with Dottie. She’s hairy and friendly, but she’s loaded up with a tough job.

“These dogs need to be completely tame and calm, you might be dealing with someone who is suffering from a nervous breakdown, or maybe going through an episode or a reaction to a medication,” he explained. .

Dottie was one of the few therapy dogs brought to the site of the Surfside collapse.

“She was able to interact with the families of the victims, she was also able to interact with the firefighters, the investigators who were there, it was very long days, and the dog was able to simply interact with them, they were playing with her. . “

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Although Dottie is still in training, she has helped restore calm amid the chaos. It started out however, as a rescue, after spending weeks in the shelter. She was one year old when she was placed in foster care.

“Older pets make the best pets, because you know roughly what you’re getting, you know the temperament, you know the size they’ll fit into,” said Lorna Mejia, Acting Director of Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

Mejia can only hope that stories like Dottie’s will help inspire people looking for a mate to adopt, not buy.

“And here we are, we go to Surfside, we go to schools and disabled children, so we are really making a difference,” added Officer Muñoz.

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