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Terry Robard’s Wines and Spirits co-owner Tim Robinson stands next to a giant tee Monday that once contained a Tito’s branded golf ball. (Business photo – Elizabeth Izzo)

LAKE PLACID – A theft at a local liquor store has left a hole in a business owner’s display.

April Kirschman, who works at Terry Robard’s Wines and Spirits in Lake Placid, was surprised walking into work on Saturday to find that a huge Tito’s Vodka-branded golf ball was missing from the store entrance off Saranac Avenue.

“We’re not 100% sure it was stolen. “ Terry Robard co-owner Tim Robinson said on Monday: “but the signs are that yes, it was taken by someone.”

The golf ball, which was about the size of a basketball and stuck to a tee about three feet high, was on display outside the liquor store behind a Tito-branded doghouse for the Robinson’s dog, Caymus, who was one of the first dogs to appear in the liquor company “Vodka for dog people” calendar in 2017. He sometimes gets special goods because of this.

The balloon was only exposed for less than two weeks before disappearing, according to Robinson.

The people of the city have different theories as to what happened to the balloon. Mike Foote, a local insurance agent, told Robinson he spotted the balloon in a nearby forest, but neither Robinson nor Foote were able to locate it when they looked there, according to Robinson.

Robinson says it’s unlikely the balloon was blown away and flies away. Where it was posted there was little to no wind and it was stuck to the tee.

Kirschman had a conversation with a customer the day before the balloon went missing, leading him to believe it was stolen.

“Earlier that day (Friday) a gentleman walked in. If you asked me to point it out, I couldn’t tell you because it was a very busy day. she said. “He told me that I shouldn’t be surprised if I ever came and the golf ball was missing. He said, “This is my dad’s favorite vodka, Tito’s. I said, ‘No you wouldn’t do that. Do not be stupid. He said, ‘You would be surprised.’ I came the next morning, and of course it was gone.

Kirschman left the tee the ball was stuck on outside the store over the weekend, just in case the person decides to return it. They did not do it.

“Anything I can tell the people who took it, you had a great time. Just send the ball back ”, she said.

Robinson posted an article on the missing ball on social media on Saturday.

“Is that wrong, all I could think of is” maybe they shook it up and it’s raw? “” commented Matt Peglow.

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