Have you seen this? Mischievous dog finds a new way to burn off energy

Simon, the dock-diving dog, is shown stealing a toilet bowl scrubber from his owner’s bathroom. (The Dodo via YouTube)

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A diving board – Even the most affectionate dog owners know that their furry friends can be troublemakers.

I have a family member whose beloved Labrador used to eat anything and everything he could get his paws on – including a fly fishing rod, down jacket and a whole pot peanut butter (jar included).

While not quite as destructive, this pit bull-boxer mix, Simon, had some mischievous habits that kept his owner running in circles. That is until he finds a new outlet for his energy.

This heartwarming video opens with footage of Simon sneaking into his landlord’s bathroom and leaving with the toilet bowl brush, of all things.

“He would never do it when I was around the house. It just became his go-to item,” owner Stephanie said in the video. “I hid it now, but I guarantee that if I put that thing back on the ground, he would probably be out there looking for that thing.”

Stephanie says that when raising him, she first thought it would be easy.

Then it was “like fireworks”.

Simon was climbing over the kitchen and coffee tables, trying to get items off the counter. Stephanie didn’t think she could follow.

Then, one day, Simon curled up next to Stephanie, rested his head on her lap, and sighed deeply. At that moment, she knew that Simon had found his home with her.

Still, she needed an activity to expel some of her energy.

Come in, dive alongside!

“He made that first jump and that was it. It was time to go from then on,” Stephanie said.

The rules of dock diving are simple: you throw your dog’s favorite toy into a pool while he waits on a dock about 40 feet long. At your command, they run along the quay, throw themselves off the end, before landing in the water to retrieve their toy.

Basically, extreme recovery.

Stephanie says Simon’s jump record is 19 feet 6 inches.

“A little thing can fly,” she says.

Perhaps most importantly, Simon demonstrated just how obedient a mischievous pit bull can become with the proper care.

“He started and engaged in so many conversations about how good these dogs were. It allowed people to see another side to these dogs,” Stephanie explains. “He taught me so much patience and understanding. He had no manners, you know, he didn’t know. But he came so far.”

Now Stephanie has adopted another dog, Mabel, who she says teaches Simon to be more patient, while he teaches her “bad house habits”.

As a child, I took canine agility lessons with my family’s German Shepherd. When I have a dog of my own, I may have to do some dock diving.

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