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KINGSTON, NEW YORK, USA, Dec. 6, 2021 / – Gordon McNicoll, a Canadian WWII bomber pilot and grandfather of Kyle McNicoll, strayed from his dream of a medical school, volunteering to fight the Nazis, weeks before school started in 1939. After joining the war, his new dream was to be an airline pilot, he loved to fly. Unfortunately, once the war was over, the wounds suffered in battle closed the sky for good. He eventually immigrated to the United States and built a successful career in marketing. Grandpa Gordon has arrived at WOW! And that was an inspiring example for me.

Kyle McNicoll’s journey to WOW began at the GCSEN Foundation’s first social entrepreneurship bootcamp at the Wheaton College SE-Launch (MA) Campus in 2016. On one of the Bootcamp days, he received a standing ovation. staff for being the first student to arrive at 7:00 am when class started at 8:15 am. Most of the students expected to sleep all morning, but he! Through this experience, he remembered what “Learn and grind” and “My why is my will” is. And my will is my “really envy” way.

Every day at GCSEN Bootcamp, the staff and coaches empowered Kyle to drive conferences forward and to actually and practically build something new for me and my company. As his list of “tried and true business ventures” grew, so did his love for social entrepreneurship, and the way GCSEN taught it was so inspiring! Kyle dreamed of creating a business focused on a 4P impact: people, planet, place and profit. Social entrepreneurship showed him that businesses can be built on positive purpose and profit. To him, this knowledge seems like the next generation guide that all businesses should follow, as the GCSEN 4P Impact makes sense of their existence beyond a single outcome. The more Kyle learned what it means to be a GCSEN 4P Social Entrepreneur, the more his dirty views of business were cleaned up.

A specific GCSEN Bootcamp activity led by GCSEN Professor and Founder / CEO Mike Caslin (Prof. CAS) comes to mind. He asked the students to write down specific goals that we had for five, ten, or fifteen years in the future. Kyle did the same activity a second time at the suggestion of Shark Daymon John in his book The Power of Broke. In the book, the American investor would advise readers that “Putting goals on paper helps [so that] you are setting a clear course. Kyle’s career since then has taken many twists and turns, most notably as an EMT, SEO Optimizer, and working at two startups, Bio Lids and Puppy Love. In 2020, Kyle had a real moment of access to WOW when he worked as Deputy Director of Coordinated Campaign Data for Democratic Georgia, he saw how his intense efforts helped topple the state for Biden, winning the presidential election and two Senate seats against VS.

Professor Cas often speaks of the hero’s journey, “A call to action and walk away from comfort and enlightenment through struggle, then come back to teach what I have learned.” While Kyle can say that there has most certainly been some clarification and rewards thanks to the struggle last year during the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes he is getting to the point of having something valuable to teach, and that goes through the 3rd and most important step.

As an employee, Kyle believes he has passed the ‘entry level’ stage and now works with an incredibly talented and highly motivated Fintech team as a junior executive with an ‘influential CEO mindset’ .

At the very least, the events of 2020 have proven how the actions of individuals can have a huge impact on the world and the status quo. A social entrepreneurship lens can channel the energies in any profession to direct that impact towards a better society. Kyle’s current company, Alveo, strives to be at the forefront of “environmental, social and government” ESG data. The hope is that with this readily available knowledge, our financial systems will naturally shift the allocation of resources to companies that work towards more positive values. It is through this hope that Kyle finds meaning in his work.

Kyle’s grandfather Gordon had a saying, “I always tried to learn something new before noon every day. “Now, years later, we should ALL be trying to find a new way to achieve WOW every day!
Said Kyle, “So what can you do to help others be successful and help yourself to WOW! ” today ? Connect with the GCSEN Foundation to also become a social entrepreneur and become WOW! “

Please join us in making meaning, making money, and moving the world to a better place through 4P Social Entrepreneurial Impact.

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