Indian students fleeing Ukraine allowed to bring their pets on evacuation flights

Amid the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, some of the evacuated Indian nationals worried about their pet dogs and cats. On March 2, the Indian government issued a special notice allowing Indian nationals to bring their pets from Ukraine to India. After the notice was posted, visuals surfaced on social media platforms where Indians were seen boarding evacuation flights with their pets.

Union Minister General (Rtrd) VK Singh, who is currently in Poland coordinating the evacuation campaign under Operation Ganga, has shared several messages of rescued pets with the Indian nationals. In a 21-second video shared on Twitter, Singh was seen petting the dog brought in by one of the evacuees. He wrote: “Some of the evacuees also brought their best four-legged friends. Good to have all of our Indian students aboard the Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster ready to return to the safety of our homeland.

Quoting an article by journalist Manav Yadav who shared the story of dog Neela brought back from Ukraine with her owner Yukta, Singh said, “Happy to be of service. I’m sure Neela would have been a wise passenger. I’ll see you both when I get back. Yukta had thanked Singh for his support in bringing his dog back to India.

ANI news agency shared a story about an Indian Zahid who brought back a dog that originally belonged to his friend in Ukraine. He said: “I brought my friend’s dog with me from Ukraine. Many people who had dogs left them in Ukraine, but I brought this dog back with me.

Another Gautam student had brought a cat from Ukraine. He said: “His cat has been with me for four months. He stayed with me in the bunker, then we crossed Poland together.

The Indian government has eased the conditions for importing pets from war-torn Ukraine

On March 2, the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy of the Government of India issued an official memorandum easing the conditions for importing pets from war-torn Ukraine.

In the memorandum, the ministry issued specific guidelines that Indian nationals must follow if they wish to bring their pets from Ukraine. The pet owner is required to produce a pet passport, vaccination documents and other details. Appropriate certification from a veterinarian and mandatory quarantine were also advised in the memorandum.

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