Is Goofy a dog or a cow? What the official voice actor says.

  • Bill Farmer, Goofy’s voice actor, says he’s part of the canine family, but not necessarily a dog.
  • Dingo first appeared in May 1932, but acquired his name in 1939.

Disney has created dozens of recognizable characters since its founding in 1923, including princesses like Cinderella or Jasmine, as well as others like Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen.

While most of these characters are evident in the animal or object they represent, Goofy can be difficult to decipher. Some believe him to be a cow, specifically an Aberdeen Angus cow, due to his relationship with Clarabelle Cow at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Others consider him a dog, closer to Pluto.

With that in mind, what exactly is Goofy?

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Is Goofy a dog or a cow?

Bill Farmer, Goofy’s voice actor since 1987, told Yahoo that Goofy was “not a dog”. Pluto, Farmer explained, is a dog. Goofy, on the other hand, “seems to belong to the canine family” without being explicitly labeled as a dog. Farmer says “Canis Goofus” is the Latin term for Goofy, which means Goofy isn’t just a dog or a cow. He’s just Goofy.

The acclaimed voice actor stars in Disney’s It’s a dog’s life, the ongoing Disney+ show, launching in 2020, revolves around dogs across the United States and their important jobs. IMDb says the show also educates audiences about pet care and the responsibilities that come with it.

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When was Goofy first seen?

Goofy first appeared in May 1932 in the animated short “Mickey’s Revue” where he played a minor role in the audience, explains DisneyParks Blog. He appeared in a newspaper comic as “Dippy Dawg”, but the 1939 film “Goofy & Wilbur officially gave the character his signature name.

Since then, Goofy has appeared in releases such as 1995’s A wacky movie2000s An extremely hilarious film and the children’s show, Clubhouse Mickey Mouse. “How to stay at home as of 2021, Goofy teaches the public how to complete important tasks around the home while managing life in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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