KCSO receives 5 canine vests from national non-profit organization

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The Kern County Sheriff’s Office has accepted a donation of five protective ballistic dog vests from Spike’s K9 Fund for their law enforcement dogs.

Each canine vest costs $5,000 and is personalized for each dog. To help them stay safe while serving our community, each vest protects against bullets and knives.

“The way criminal trends are changing now, all of our dogs need the same protection that we get,” said Daniel Garcia, a KCSO K-9 unit dog handler.

Vests wrap around the dog’s torso protecting all vital organs.

“Similar to body armor worn on humans and deputies on patrol, it will protect vital organ areas the same way it would on humans, this is one of the vital areas of the dog “, Robert Fisher, dog handler with KCSO K-9 unit said. “He has lower protection. All this stuff here is armor.

But the vests have a lifespan of only five years and need to be replaced to keep the dogs safe.

“So that means after those five years, they’re not sure the vest will withstand the ammo it’s supposed to stop,” Fisher said.

Thanks to a donation from Spike’s K9 Fund, a national nonprofit, these new vests, which would cost the county $25,000, are free. They’re also lightweight, at two pounds, it’s still easy for the dog to get the job done.

“Now that we have an extra layer of protection for them,” Garcia said. “It gives us a little more comfort when we ask them to do these dangerous things as we ask them to protect the citizens of the county.”

Which is something you can’t put a price on.

These ballistic dog vests can be pricey, but the costs saved through donations all go back to the dogs and community projects.

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