Kirrawee and store the real deal for puppy lovers | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

TRY AND RESIST: Ben Harris, Juliann’s son, holds furry joy balls.

Like many children, Juliann Harris dreamed of owning a pet store when she was growing up.

And with the opening of Pic A Pet in Kirrawee, she made that puppy’s dream come true.

A successful dog breeder for many years, Juliann started the business to give townspeople the chance to see, touch and purchase a puppy.

“I raise all of my own puppies and have always been an animal lover so this seemed like the perfect business for me,” she said.

The puppies on offer include cavoodles, spoodles, labradoodles, and many related crossbreeds.

In fact, says Juliann, there are “lots and lots of stuff”.

She said crossbreeds appeal to families looking for a dog who is not only cute and intelligent, but also doesn’t shed or cause allergic reactions because their fur is hypoallergenic.

You also avoid many of the health issues that are sometimes encountered with purebred varieties.

The only downside, Juliann says, is that you have to be prepared to undertake regular grooming.

But if dogs aren’t on your Christmas list, Pic A Pet also sells rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, and hermit crabs.

And they stock a wide range of pet food, accessories, and related products.

Juliann said that she and her co-owner husband, Ken, thought the store was ideally located.

“It’s easy to get to and it’s not too crowded here which is great,” she said.

“The main street is lovely and the atmosphere is nice. Plus, it’s just down the road from Cronulla, so you have the best of both worlds.”

Local firm Positive Builds completed a massive store renovation that also includes a mural by Jake at Savvy Sign Co which represents Juliann’s property in the country.

“It is exactly as we want it now and we are very happy with the result,” said Juliann.

“It’s the only store in the area that has live animals, so we’re giving people the chance to see them and enjoy the experience.

“We are registered and everything is checked by the RSPCA on a regular basis so people can rest assured that they are getting the best possible animal from me.”

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