Knoxville City Council to discuss expansion of World’s Fair Veterans Memorial and purchase of dog park property

Other items on the agenda include awarding $7,875 to The Muse to support an apprenticeship program and taking further steps in the construction of the public safety complex.

Knoxville, Tenn. – The Knoxville City Council is set to meet Tuesday night, where council members will talk about taking the first steps toward building a new dog park in Fountain City and expanding the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial exhibit Association in the World’s Fair Park.

ETVMA requested the addition of an area adjacent to the existing memorial where the monument is currently being built. If approved, the association may construct additional parts of the memorial along a walkway leading to the mast.

The walkway is also adjacent to the L&N STEM Academy, a high school located next to the Veterans Memorial. No information was immediately available on possible additions to the memorial if the association acquires the property.

The Knoxville Department of Parks and Recreation has also asked the city to take the first steps toward building a new dog park in Fountain City near Fountain City Skate Park and a greenway. It would be located at 108 Knox Road, and the city said it would pay no more than $135,000 for the property.

The property was previously upgraded with a small bait shop, which now sits in the First Creek Floodway, according to the resolution. Additional information on what upgrades might be included in the dog park and when it might be built was not immediately available.

Several resolutions were also proposed to take the next steps in the construction of the Public Security Complex. One resolution proposes continuing to work with McCarty Holsaple McCarty, an architectural design firm based in Knoxville, to help design the complex.

According to the resolution, the company’s scope of work has increased and therefore they have proposed to increase the total contract price by $1,015,923.

A similar resolution was offered in their contract with Volkert Inc., which manages the planning, design and construction of the public safety complex. The resolution proposes to increase the contract price by $480,881.

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