Lake County Sheriff’s Office Introduces Newest Dog, Ryker, Who Will Be The Department’s 5th Dog

Lake Canine County Sheriff Ryker. | Photo provided

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has introduced its new dog, Ryker, who is a two-year-old German Shepherd and joined the department after the dog Diesel died last month.

Ryker will be assigned to Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Somerville, a veteran dog handler who lost his partner, dog Diesel, to an aggressive form of cancer on September 11.

Diesel died days before his eighth birthday, the sheriff’s office said.

Ryker and Somerville recently completed their basic training including canine psychology, obedience, agility, tracking, scent detection and more.

Ryker and Somerville are currently deployed as a two deputy unit on the afternoon shift.

Ryker will join the sheriff’s office dogs Dax, Duke, Danno and Boomer.

Dogs are deployed hundreds of times a year to search for missing endangered persons, search for individuals who have fled crime, detect drug trafficking and other various situations.

They frequently assist other law enforcement agencies in Lake County.

Dog teams also commonly appear at community events, school presentations, and neighborhood gatherings.

“We will always remember Canine Diesel, which will hold a very special place in our hearts and in the hearts of the Lake County community. While we know Canine Diesel can never be replaced, we know Canine Ryker will have a very successful career partnering with Deputy Somerville who is a great dog handler, ”said Sheriff John D. Idleburg.

“I continuously hear from the community how much they value our dogs, and we strive to have the most robust dog program in the area,” Idleburg added.

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