Local animal shelters desperately need adopters in the face of overcapacity


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW / WAGT) – Cases of COVID are on the rise, as are the number of returned pets. Local animal shelters just can’t handle the volume and it’s an ongoing problem. We have contacted some of our local animal shelters. Augusta Animal Services, the SPCA Albrecht Center and the Aiken County Animal Shelter all say they are overcapacity.

“You are adorable baby … hi,” Alexa Nutter said.

Alexa Nutter came to the Aiken County Animal Shelter to find a dog.

“I have a big garden, so I would love to just go out and throw a ball,” she said.

She took the tour and spent time with many dogs. The shelter took them outside for a special event where adoptions are free because they are trying to empty the shelter because it is overcapacity.

At the Aiken County Animal Shelter, every cage is full.

“We’re at the point where we may have to make some tough decisions,” said Bobby Arthurs.

Bobby Arthurs runs the Aiken County Animal Shelter where they see more people abandoning their animals than usual. Last month, they welcomed around 450 pets. The shelter believes it’s because COVID is making things difficult for some.

“We have more animals coming in and less leaving us, so we’re reaching a breaking point, what do we do,” Arthurs said.

What they do is a month-long special, where pets can be adopted for free. Saturday was the first day of the stage and in the first few hours alone people adopted two dozen pets and Arthurs was able to clear some cages.

“It’s really moving for me to sit here and be able to come in and open cages,” he said.

Nutter cannot commit to adopting yet, but she is so happy to see animals being adopted.

“It really made me happy that there are a lot of people, at least in this community, who will come and give these animals a home,” she said.

The animals find a new home and leave the shelter.

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